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A 98% Kurko
F 7% Kurt's Home Guitar Rehearsals
    Kurts Grand Finale
    L.A. Forum 1989
    The Last American Concert
A 93% Last Concert In Italy
A 94% Last Concert In Japan
    The Last Cry
    The Last Goodbye
A 92% The Last New Years Eve
A 97% The Last UK Show
A 97% Leer
A 92% Legacy Of Noise
F 0% The Legends Of The XXth Century
F- 10% Life's Like Pit-Bulls On Crack
B+ 89% Limited Single Rare Tracks
F 34% Lithium
D 65% Live
F 50% Live
A 99% Live
    Live & Alive Vol. 2
C 74% Live 1994
F 12% Live And Demo(n)s
    Live And Loud
B 82% Live At Duffy's
A- 90% Live At Hollywood Rock Festival 93
    Live At the Reading Festival 1991
B 84% Live At Verdun Auditorium
A 96% Live Buzz
A 91% Live Dallas '91
B 85% Live In Austin, Texas
C 78% Live In Belgium
C 71% Live In Japan
A 98% Live In Seattle
    Live In Seattle '93
F 50% The Live Spirit
A- 90% Live Tits
    Live USA - Unplugged
F 35% Live Vol. 1
F 58% Live Vol.1
F 50% Live Vol.2
B 85% Live Vol.2
    Live; In Bloom
    The Lost Concert
B 84% Louder
A 99% Love Buzz
D 62% The Lunatic Is In My Head
    Make Me Sick
B 86% Markethalle, Hamburg, 11.11.91
A 96% The Masquerade
A 96% Meltdown
A 94% A Message From Nirvana
B 84% Miami Blow
A 92% Mindblower
    Missing In Action
F 20% Mixed And Unreleased Material
    Moderate Rock
    Moist Vagina
    Moist Vagina II
B 83% More Live Tits
B 83% Morituri Salutant
D 65% Morituri Salutant! Never Mind - Here Comes NIRVANA
A 95% Mr. Kurdt Kobain
A 94% Murder By Guitar
B 88% Negative Creep
D 68% Never The Same Thing
    Nevermind Sessions
A 97% Nevermind The Bollocks!
A 96% New Years Eve
    Nipped In The Bud
    Nirvana Is In Our Mind
    Nirvana Live Vol. 1
    Nirvana Reading 1992
B 81% No One Here Gets Out Alive (Morituri Salutant)
A 98% Noizemaker
B+ 89% On A Plain
F 44% On Stage In Europe
A 98% Out of Bloom
    Out Of Seattle
A+ 100% Out Of The Blue
B 83% Out Of The Womb (In Utero Demos)
A 95% Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain
A 98% Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain Remastered Edition
C 75% Outcesticide 5 - Gone But Not Forgotten
A 98% Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done
A 97% Outcesticide III - The Final Solution
B 85% Outcesticide IV - It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
A 98% Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults
A 98% Outcesticide V - Disintegration
C- 70% Outcesticide Vol. 1
B 85% Outcesticide Vol. 2
A 96% Outcesticide Vol. 3
C- 70% Outcesticide Vol. 4
B 85% Outcesticide Vol. 5
B 83% Outcesticide Vol. 6
B 85% Outcesticide Vol. 7
B 86% Over the Rainbow
F 20% Palladium
A 99% Paradiso Lost
F 50% Paridiso Amsterdam Love Buzz November 1991
A 93% Pay To Play
A 91% Peel Sessions
F 10% Performance
A 91% Piper 1989
A 95% Pissing Factory
B 87% Pissing Factory
B- 80% Pissing in Action
A+ 100% Play The F***ing Guitar, Man!!
A 96% Playing At The Moon
    Plugged & Unplugged
F 19% Porch Songs
D- 60% Psychotic Reaction
A 94% Psychout Induction
A 98% Put The Money Down
F 37% R.I.P.
    Radical Action
B+ 89% The Raji's Burning Down
A 93% Rape Me
A 98% Rape Me Again
B 86% Rare Take & Tracks Vol.1
    Rare Take & Tracks Vol.2
    Rare Tracks Vol IV
D 68% Rare Tracks Vol. I
A- 90% Rare Tracks Vol. II
    Rare Tracks Vol. III
F 13% Rare Traxx
    Reading 1991
    Reading 8/30/92
    Reading Festival
    Reading Festival 1991
    Reciprocal Studio Demos
A 98% Revolutionary Debris
A 99% Roma
    Roma... Final Board
A- 90% Rough Tapes (Bleeding Years)

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