Rupert (RUPERT 9652)
Roskilde Festival - Roskilde Denmark 06-26-92
Total CD Time 78:37 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: RUPERT 9652
Additional Artwork
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1) Intro 2:13
2) Aneurysm 5:04
3) Drain You 3:40
4) Stay Away 3:35
5) Sliver 2:03
6) School 2:46
7) In Bloom 4:43
8) Breed 2:56
9) About A Girl 2:40
10) Scoff 4:11
11) Polly 2:45
12) Lithium 4:23
13) Blew 3:07
14) Been A Son 2:16
15) On A Plain 3:06
16) Swap Meet 3:42
17) Negative Creep 2:45
18) Something In The Way 7:04
19) Come As You Are 3:33
20) Love Buzz 3:30
21) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:39
22) Territorial Pissings 3:44

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  97%
Average Reader Rating: 98%
Reader Reviews

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Leer, released in April 2000, is the only commercially available disc of the 6/26/92 Roskilde Festival show. The recording is from a digital audience source and is sharp and clear throughout. Kris Sproul of the Nirvana Live Guide will listen to the recording, it's possible that it was sourced from the master DAT recording... which would make it the lowest generation available! This review will reflect his opinion after he's able to compare it to his personal copy.

Track one, labeled "Intro," is the sound of Tori Amos singing her rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" being piped over the speakers before the band comes onstage. The band appears to be in good spirits as the show progresses. Kurt goofs around after "Aneurysm" anouncing "I would now like to perform a guitar solo" and performs a 10 second mock solo. He later ends "Polly" with a whiney voice, most likely because he was irritated with the clapping audience. Kurt later congratulates the crowd on winning their "Sporting event" (It had just been announced that Denmark had won the soccer/football European championship), he also changes a line in "School" to "Your in Football aGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!" Kurt also conratulates the audience on winniner their sporting event before the encore... Did Denmark win a big soccer event?

The second to last performance of "Swap Meet" can be found on this disc (the last performance was 6/27/92). While "Swap Meet" isn't as energetic as the 6/27/92 version, it's arguably the best quality live version available on a commercially released disc.

For whatever reason, Kurt continued with the mock solo's during Love Buzz, during which Dave goes nuts on the drums. The show ends with another mock solo and Dave makes a reference to Nuno Bettencourt, former guitarist for the band Extreme. RH of The Internet Nirvana Fan Club e-mailed a link to the Roskilde Festival web site to me and was able to confirm that Extreme did play at the 1992 festival. It's just a wild guess, but maybe Kurt was making fun of Extreme throughout the show!

This disc is great for any fan who enjoys live shows. The setlist is long, varied, and filled with spontaneous moments by the band. The recording (nearly 80 minutes!) is excellent and with exception to clapping during "Polly," crowd noise doesn't create too much interferance (what would a live show be without crowd noise?). Leer is an excellent addition to any collection and is definitely the most exciting Nirvana release since Outcesticide V. GET IT!!!

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