The Masquerade

Foam Head (FH003)
Masquerade - Atlanta, GA United States 05-06-90
Total CD Time 53:50 / 16 Tracks
Matrix: RN97
Additional Artwork
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1) Love Buzz 2:24
2) Floyd The Barber 3:15
3) Scoff 4:19
4) Dive 4:00
5) School 3:14
6) Spank Thru 3:39
7) Breed 3:27
8) About A Girl 3:14
9) Big Cheese 4:50
10) Molly's Lips 2:15
11) Polly 2:41
12) Here She Comes Now 5:19
13) Been A Son 2:04
14) Stain 2:22
15) Negative Creep 3:13
16) Blew 3:34
The Masquerade

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  96%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc is really the 05-06-90 show, the 05-04-90 date on the cover is a mislabel. The recording is from the soundboard, however, the drums aren't mixed properly and sound like they might have been coming through one of the microphones. Chad sounds like he's hitting cardboard boxes and the cymbols sound muffled. The first track ("Love Buzz") starts from the middle of the song, and there is a pressing error that causes a blank span of 1 second towards the end of "Stain". There are also 2 places during "Love Buzz" where there is extra "crackle". These complaints aside, this is a very good disc.

The band had recorded at Smart Studios the previous month before this show. Krist announces one of the songs they had recorded, Dive, as something that will be on their upcoming album (at this time the tape was going to be put on a Sub Pop album). The set list is pretty good, and "Here She Comes Now" is a nice treat. Not a whole lot of talk (it may have been edited out), but you can hear a few things spoken. Kurt asks the audience to pogo during Molly's Lips.

As you have probably already noticed, the artwork is pretty tasteless. The 05-13-90 show has better sound and a better setlist. These shows take place at the very end of Chad Channings career with the band. This show also appears on "Across America." The sound quality is identical, but "Across America" contains fewer errors.

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"Molly's Lips" Labeled As "Molly's Lies"
"Stain" Labeled As "I'm A Saint"

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