Piper 1989

On Stage (CD/ON 2341)
Piper Club - Rome Italy 11-27-89
Total CD Time 39:47 / 10 Tracks
Matrix: F.DISC ONCD 2341 1439-B
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1) School 4:10
2) Scoff 4:39
3) Love Buzz 3:21
4) Floyd The Barber
5) Polly
Big Cheese
6) Jam - Bass Solo 2:30
7) Jam - Drums and Nonsense 2:45
8) About A Girl 3:15
9) Breed 3:52
10) Spank Thru 1:19
Piper 1989

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  91%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
"Piper 1989" contains the infamous show where Kurt has a nervous breakdown on stage and threatens to jump off of a speaker cabinate. The sound quality is an average audience recording.

The show is typical of an '89 European show and includes the technical problems that plagued the band throughout this tour. Kurt's guitar loses sound, and Krist and Chad entertain the crowd with noise jams. Kut becomes unraveled when he sings the wrong lyrics on "Spank Thru" and stops playing in the middle of the song. You can hear the crowd cry "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" together, and then the recording stops.

"Piper 1989" is the single disc version of 11-27-89, the other version is also by "On Stage Records" and is part of a three-pack called "In Memory Of Kurt - The Concerts Of Italy." "On Stage Records" is known as the budget label of bootlegs and their discs can usually be found fairly easily. For whatever reason, "Piper 1989" was not distributed in the United States, and tends to be a difficult disc for US traders to find. The tracklisting is off because of the noise jams, but contains the correct song titles.

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