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Arriba! (ARR 94.085)
AT&T Bayfront Park Amphitheater - Miami, FL United States 11-27-93
Total CD Time 75:22 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: CH 001
Additional Artwork
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1) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:44
2) Drain You 3:43
3) Breed 3:21
4) Serve The Servants 3:52
5) About A Girl 3:50
6) Heart-Shaped Box 5:15
7) Dumb 3:12
8) In Bloom 4:37
9) Come As You Are 4:01
10) Lithium 4:27
11) Pennyroyal Tea 4:07
12) Polly 4:26
13) Heartbreaker 1:51
14) Milk It 3:56
15) Rape Me 2:27
16) Territorial Pissings 2:42
17) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 5:20
18) Scentless Apprentice 5:05
19) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:42
A Message From Nirvana

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
**This is the same pressing as 'Meltdown' (identical matrix). For some reason this disc has been released under two different titles. This pressing gets a lower rating because of the poor artwork.

"What's wrong with you people in the back? Did you come here to see Gloria Estefan?" Terrific In Utero show!! If you've had an opportunity to listen to a lot of Nirvana shows, you know Kurt can go an entire show without saying much of anything.... Krist usually makes up for it. Kurt talks a little between several of the songs... nothing profound (unless you're interested in what type of cigarettes he smoked), but it's a nice change. If you're looking for a nice, high quality "In Utero" show this is a good one.

The original pressings of "Meltdown" are defective. When you get to "Smells Like Teen Spirit," your cd player will skip, stop, or both. There is a newer pressing with the matrix CH 001 that has a nice picture disc. If you can afford it, get "Across America." "Across America" is a more complete recording than the two previously mentioned discs (it's a double CD) and contains the "Masquerade" show as filler on the remainder of the second disc.

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"Milk It" Labeled As "Tourettes"

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