Rare Take & Tracks Vol.1

Lithium (AVID004)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 61:42 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: LTM004 701899 IFPI L601
Additional Artwork
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1) Blew 2:57
2) Beeswax 2:50
3) Aero Zeppelin 4:41
4) If You Must 4:10
5) Mexican Seafood 2:03
6) Pen Cap Chew 3:04
7) If You Must 3:55
8) Downer 1:41
9) Floyd The Barber 2:20
10) Paper Cuts 4:08
11) Spank Thru 3:33
12) Hairspray Queen 4:16
13) Aero Zeppelin 4:29
14) Beeswax 2:48
15) Mexican Seafood 1:52
16) Sliver 2:38
17) Puss (The Jesus Lizard) 3:20
18) Oh, The Guilt 3:24
19) Moist Vagina 3:33
Rare Take & Tracks Vol.1

Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  86%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Just your average compilation disc from this fairly new Japanese company. Sounds pretty good... It's just that if you've already got the Outcesticide series then you already have all these tracks in the same if not better quality. This isn't a "bad" bootleg. Its just common stuff that most of you already have. Just pick up the Outcesticide series and you will be much happier. I would only recommend this disc to someone who was just filling in the final holes in their collection. Again it sounds fine, but i would recommend getting quite a few other discs over this one, namely the Outcesticide series.

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"Pen Cap Chew" Labeled As "Pen Cup Chew"
"Moist Vagina" Labeled As "MV"

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