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Teen Spirit (TS 001)
De Doelen (Ein Abend In Wien) - Rotterdam The Netherlands 09-01-91
Total CD Time 41:18 / 12 Tracks
Matrix: I.C.P A 175 5
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1) Polly 3:01
2) Drain You 3:36
3) School 2:23
4) Floyd The Barber 2:29
5) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:40
6) Come As You Are 3:49
7) About A Girl 3:46
8) Breed 3:25
9) Sliver 3:28
10) In Bloom 5:59
11) Been A Son 2:10
12) Negative Creep 2:32
Live Buzz

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  96%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
You can take two different views on this show, and that is why there are some people who hate it and some who love it.

View 1 - You love it because the band is VERY raw and having a fun time toying with the crowd. There are plenty of screw ups and multiple restarts of songs. Extremely original, the band is drunk and just playing for fun. This is a very clear audience recording and you can make out every word that the band says to the crowd. (That is if Kurt doesn't override it with feed back)

View 2 - You hate it. You prefer the more 'Radio Friendly" shows with a more polished professional sound. You would rather just hear the band play the songs the way they sounded on the album. Plus you don't like what is in view 1.

Most veteran collectors realize what a treat this recording is. There are many unique moments, like the funny restarts and during "About A Girl" when the guitar cuts out and Kurt starts singing in a real high pitched voice... the band saying that the place is cursed.. or Dave calling "Been A Son" Been A Drunk :)

The set ends when Kurt smashes his guitar in the middle of "Negative Creep" This show is great! The only complaint might be that it's a rather short show... This is the only known commercial release of this show, and there is also a video of this show floating around the trading circles too...

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