Live Tits

The Wheel (TWR02)
Astoria Theatre - London United Kingdom 11-05-91
Total CD Time 70:26 / 20 Tracks
Matrix: TWR 02 PHC
Additional Artwork
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1) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 3:26
2) Aneurysm 4:38
3) Drain You 3:46
4) School 2:28
5) Floyd The Barber 2:26
6) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:29
7) About A Girl 2:56
8) Polly 2:54
9) Breed 3:06
10) Sliver 2:09
11) Lithium 4:09
12) Love Buzz 3:53
13) Come As You Are 3:42
14) Been A Son 2:15
15) Negative Creep 2:27
16) On A Plain 3:08
17) Blew 4:50
18) Dumb 2:40
19) Pennyroyal Tea 3:45
20) Endless, Nameless 6:19
Live Tits

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A-  90%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
The fist song is "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam", but has TV sounding people talking over it and is labeled "TV Personalities" (I'm confused as to why). The song is mostly ruined as a result. This is an average audience recording... it sounds kind of "tinny"(like a tin can), but is consistent and fairly enjoyable. One item to note... the back of the inlay highlights tracks 1,18, and 19. The label didn't know the names of the songs!! The disc was made in 1992, so it's understandable that they didn't know the song titles... it's just funny because bootleg labels always seem to make up names for songs that they don't know, they were actually honest in this case. :) It's believed that this disc first surfaced in 1992.

There's nothing that stands out about the show. The band sounds good, Kurt's voice is good.... It's just a good show from this era. Kurt messes up in the beginning of Lithium, restarts, and plays with a lot of energy... Lithium is probably the highlight of the disc. There's an early Pennyroyal Tea with alternate lyrics on this one.

This is the type of disc that only hardcore Nirvana collectors will enjoy (unless you really like pictures of painted breast). "More Live Tits" is a reissue of "Live Tits"... they both contain the same recording. "Live Tits" and "More Live Tits" have the same matrices. "Firework Night" also has this date, except it's from a slightly longer source and the sound quality is better. "Live Tits" gets a better grade than it's predecessor "More Live Tits" because it is considered more of a collectors item (it's tough to find).

There are better shows from this time period available.

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"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" Labeled As "T.V. Personalities"

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Astoria Theatre - London United Kingdom 11-05-91
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