The Swingin' Pig (TSP-CD-142)
Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States 12-28-91
Total CD Time 41:54 / 12 Tracks
Matrix: WIZARD TSP-CD-142
Additional Artwork
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1) Drain You 3:44
2) Aneurysm 4:31
3) School 2:43
4) Floyd The Barber 2:26
5) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:59
6) About A Girl 2:56
7) Polly 2:56
8) Sliver 2:03
9) Breed 3:17
10) Come As You Are 3:40
11) Lithium 5:10
12) Territorial Pissings 3:29

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  99%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
EXCELLENT SHOW! This is the only other disc besides "The Eternal Legacy" where you can find the complete 12 track version of this show and the sound doesn't get any better than this! The only reason why this disc did not receive the same ranking as "The Eternal Legacy" is because of the great artwork and the John Peel Sessions that are on "The Eternal Legacy".

This disc is fairly rare and a early bootleg. Also to make it even tougher to find it has a very plain title "Live" You have got to be sure to ask questions and make sure you are getting this disc and not some dodgy Australian bootleg.

I would highly recommend this to the serious collector and the completist but the regular nirvana fan should just hold out for "The Eternal Legacy" It is much easier to find and contains a lot of great filler.

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"Sliver" Labeled As "Silver"

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