Morituri Salutant! Never Mind - Here Comes NIRVANA

Karma Records
Le Zénith - Paris France 02-14-94
Total CD Time 78:07 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: Ver 93
Additional Artwork
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1) Drain You 3:40
2) Breed 3:26
3) Serve The Servants 3:19
4) Come As You Are 3:36
5) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:34
6) Sliver 2:20
7) Dumb 3:29
8) In Bloom 4:17
9) About A Girl 2:59
10) Lithium 4:10
11) Pennyroyal Tea 3:28
12) School 3:26
13) Polly 3:27
14) Very Ape 1:58
15) Territorial Pissings 2:32
16) All Apologies 4:21
17) On A Plain 3:00
18) Heart-Shaped Box 4:29
19) Blew 5:11
20) Endless, Nameless 6:48
21) Sappy 3:28
Morituri Salutant! Never Mind - Here Comes NIRVANA

Nirvana Bootography Rating: D  65%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc appears to be a poor clone of Come As You Are on the Flashback label, with the addition of Sappy as the last track. Sappy is the same studio recording that can be found on the No Alternative CD.

I call this a poor clone because Karma Records didn't do a great job copying from Come As You Are. There are audible places (check the end of track 8 to the beginning of track 9 for example) where there are skips. The skips are fairly subtle, but they are there nonetheless.

While DN doesn't look favorably on clones, they do have their place among bootlegs and in some cases (I.e. Seattle 1988 and Live In Seattle) the clones are practically the only option as the original release can be hard to come by. The 2-19-94 performance can be found on many releases, the preferred and most complete being the A Season In Hell Part II box set. Being that there are other sources for this show, it's recommended that you avoid this title and try for one of the better ones. The artwork still confuses me...

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