Bootlegs containing Lithium

...And Nobody Got Hurt
Across America
All Acoustically
American Electric Tour
Amsterdam 91
Aqua Seafoam Shame
Bang Tango
Banned For Life
Beautiful Demise
Been A Soon
Before And After The Storm
Bleach Pop
CA Uberalles
Come As You Are
Come As You Are
Come As You Are
Complete Radio Sessions
The Complete Radio Sessions
Complete Reading Festival 1992
Concert In Milan 25/2/94
The Concerts In Italy
Dark Emotion
The Demotapes (1988-1990)
Down Under '92
Down With Me
Dynamic Live
The Eternal Legacy
Europe 1991
Europe 1991
Europe 1994
European Tour '91
Fatal Attraction
Feedback Mentality
The Final Strike - Last Kurtain In Milan
Fire Extinguisher
Firework Night
First Avenue Club
The First Night
Flogging A Dead Angel
Forever Gold
From The Muddy Banks Of The Murray
Greatest Hits Live & Assorted Rarities
Grunge Is Dead
Had It All
Halloween Stranger
Happy Halloween
Heart Shaped Rome
Heart-Shaped Box
A Higher State Of Mind
I Can't Live
I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
I Love Myself And Want To Live
In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain"
In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain" 2
In Scope
In The Raw
In The Shadows Of The Sun
Into The Black - Disc 1 & 2 - Demos and Sessions
Into The Black - Disc 3 - Paramount Theatre
Into The Black - Disc 4 - Reading Festival
Into The Black - Disc 5 & 6 - The Last American Show
Kurt's Home Guitar Rehearsals
Kurts Grand Finale
Last Concert In Italy
Last Concert In Japan
The Last New Years Eve
The Last UK Show
Legacy Of Noise
The Legends Of The XXth Century
Live 1994
Live At Duffy's
Live At Hollywood Rock Festival 93
Live At Verdun Auditorium
Live Dallas '91
Live In Austin, Texas
Live In Belgium
Live In Japan
Live In Seattle '93
The Live Spirit
Live Tits
Live Vol. 1
Live Vol.1
The Lost Concert
The Lunatic Is In My Head
Markethalle, Hamburg, 11.11.91
A Message From Nirvana
Miami Blow
More Live Tits
Morituri Salutant
Morituri Salutant! Never Mind - Here Comes NIRVANA
Murder By Guitar
Negative Creep
Never The Same Thing
Nevermind The Bollocks!
New Years Eve
Nirvana Is In Our Mind
No One Here Gets Out Alive (Morituri Salutant)
On A Plain
On Stage In Europe
Out of Bloom
Outcesticide 5 - Gone But Not Forgotten
Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done
Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults
Outcesticide V - Disintegration
Outcesticide Vol. 2
Outcesticide Vol. 3
Outcesticide Vol. 4
Outcesticide Vol. 6
Outcesticide Vol. 7
Paradiso Lost
Paridiso Amsterdam Love Buzz November 1991
Pissing Factory
Pissing Factory
Pissing in Action
Porch Songs
Psychotic Reaction
Psychout Induction
Put The Money Down
Rape Me
Rape Me Again
Rare Tracks Vol. I
Rare Tracks Vol. II
Revolutionary Debris
Rough Tapes (Bleeding Years)
San Diego '91
San Diego '91
San Francisco 1993
Saturday Night Sonic Attack
A Season In Hell Part 1 Disc 1
A Season In Hell Part 2 Disc 1
Seattle Sound, Sounds Great
Seventh Heaven
Shock Treatment
Sliver And Dumb
Smells Like Nirvana
Smells Like Success
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smells Like... (Vol. 2)
Smells Like...........
Something In Milwaukee
Stiff Drinks
Suicide Solution?
Super Golden Radio Shows
Sydney 1992
Territorial Possession
Throw Them To The Lions!
Tour Over Europe 1994
Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 1 - Live Memorial In Japan
Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 5 - Soundboard Recording Live 1991
Trick Or Treat
The Ultimate Outcesticide
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2
Under The Milky Way
Unplugged & More
Up In Smoke
Va Te Faire Enculer
Virgin Songs
Welcome To Italy
Wild Tales
World Without End