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  When Sub Pop released Nirvana's first album on vinyl, there were several versions.

1. First Pressing
Pressed on white vinyl and limited to 1000 copies.  This LP was originally sold during the August 8, 1989 Lamefest in Seattle.  Free posters were given to those who bought the LP at the show.  Later, when the second pressing (black) came out, the poster was included with the LPs.

2. Second Pressing (not released)
Sub Pop originally planned to release marbled white vinyl, but they quickly found out that it wouldn't work due to a light green tint in the vinyl.  These LPs were never released, but some have trickled into circulation.

3. Second Pressing (released)
After the plans for the marbled white vinyl were scrapped, Sub Pop decided to release 2000 copies of black vinyl as the second pressing.  Posters were included.

4. Colored Vinyl
Sub Pop used a number of pressing plants for their vinyl (because they were always in debt and trying to secure a line of credit with whoever wanted to deal with them), but one company stands out: Erika.  While the various colored LPs may not all be from Erika, many copies mention Erika on the sleeve, the LP labels, or both.  Available colors include:

(Keep in mind that additional colors may exist and what we describe may differ than your opinion of colors -- i.e. pink vs. rose, or marbled vs. splattered.)

Colored vinyl is generally indicated by a small green or white sticker on the sleeve or plastic wrap -- until the item was opened, you couldn't tell what you were getting.  (I believe that sticker should be on every copy except for the first two pressings.  Marbled white copies may or may not have the sticker depending on who you got it from.)

5. Splattered Vinyl w/ Single
There is also a splattered red/white LP that comes with a blue Sliver 7".  This two-pack is limited to 500 copies and both items mention Erika on their sleeves.

6. Re-issue
In the summer of 2000, Sub Pop re-released the LP on black vinyl.

This is the sleeve for all 1989 versions of the Sub Pop LP.  (The first scan shows one of the "colored vinyl" stickers.  Image by Jim Hirte.)

Front of Sleeve

Back of Sleeve


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