Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Is this site official?
A:  No, this is just a site made and run by fans.

Q:  How did this site start?
A:  Joris Baas, Shane Virone and I decided to put together an updated discography back in the spring/summer of 1998.  We used a discography posted at, with permission, as the foundation.  However, as Art Lee has explained to me later, that's really his discography that I built upon.  My understanding of the situation, primarily the involvement of the person credited at SP, was incorrect and for that I'm sorry.  So, now that I know, this site is based on Art Lee's original work (later maintained by Alexander Lum and James McCrae).  He is now credited on every page.

Q:  Who owns this site?
A:  Check the bottom of each page.

Q:  I love to read copyright info, do you have any?
A:  Yes, check the bottom of every page.

Q:  How can I support the site?
A:  Throughout the site there are links to  If you buy products by clicking on the links we provide, Digital Nirvana will get commission.  Since DN hosts the discography, supporting DN is the same as supporting the discography.

For a complete list of Amazon links, click here.

Q:  Do you endorse any retailers?
A:  No, not unless they want to pay me. :)

Q:  Do you endorse any eBay sellers?
A:  No.  That's not to say I haven't had good experiences at eBay, but I'd rather not get in the habit of answering this type of question.  Use the feedback ratings at eBay, ask the seller questions, and do your homework.

Q:  Do you trade or can you tell me of sites that sell bootlegs?
A:  No, I do not trade anymore, nor do I know where to find original bootleg CDs.

Q:  Do you sell items listed in the site?
A:  Not now, but that may be something that is done in the future.

Q:  May I link to the site?
A:  Yes.  Links are very much appreciated.  Just copy and paste this into your site:

  • <a href="" target="_blank">The Collectors' Nirvana Discography @ Digital Nirvana</a>

Do NOT include this site in any framed layout, though.  If you don't know what that means, ask me.

Q:  May I use info or an image for my Nirvana site?
A:  Please contact me with any requests.

Q:  May I use discography images in my auction?
A:  No, not unless you submitted the images to me.  And even if that's the case, I'd prefer that you not link to the images here.  Please try to use your own web space or sign up for a free host like Angelfire.  Auction sites will receive complaints when sellers repeatedly link to images.

Q:  Why doesn't ___ work or look right?
A:  Click here.

Q:  What does ___ mean?
A:  Try the glossary.

Q:  How come the scans in the discography do not look like my item?
A:  Usually this is the result of different scanners and techniques producing different images.  Every once in a while someone will have an item that does have differences worth noting, but if you think a certain color doesn't look right, it's usually a scanning issue.  Guidelines have been made recently to help keep this problem to a minimum.

Q:  Do you want me to send images/links from eBay?
A:  Never send me images from eBay or any other site with the intent that I will use them or credit you.  If you have a question about something at eBay, just send me the URL and I'll check it out.

Q:  Do you credit people for contributions?
A:  Have you looked at the site?  Yes, of course I give credit. :)  I don't post link banners, though.  (And if I ever forget to credit you, just notify me of the omission.)

Q:  What do I have to do to get my name on the site?
A:  Simple, just help with new info or scans.  All contributions will be added to the site as time permits.  Those that have helped a LOT are:

Q:  How do I scan my items for the discography?
A:  Read this.

Q:  Which items have been counterfeited?
A:  Check here for a list of counterfeits, pirated releases, and bootlegs that pretend to be official.

Q:  Who is the other Nirvana? / What's the deal with odd-titled releases I can't find in the discography?
A:  Ben Dweck posted this in the Digital Nirvana Forums once:

  • "Okay, as many of us know, there was a UK group, called Nirvana, who had a couple of minor hits in the sixties, and have reunited a few times and released additional material.  The group, which specialized in psychedelic 'trips,' was fronted by Patrick Campbell-Lyons (who recorded a terrible solo album called Me and My Friend) and Alex Spyropoulos.

    "So what does this have to do with our Nirvana? you may ask.  Well, after seeing the amount of confusion on these boards, AMN, and HSMB, I've compiled an unofficial list of their releases, to prevent further such misunderstandings."

    1967 - The Story of Simon Simopath
    1968 - All of Us
    1970 - Dedicated to Markos III
    1971 - Local Anaesthetic
    1972 - Songs of Love and Praise
    1987 - Black Flower
    1992 - Traveling on a Cloud
    1995 - Secret Theatre
    1996 - Orange and Blue
    1999 - Chemistry
    19?? - Nirvana
    Tiny Goddess / I Believe in Magic
    Pentecost Hotel / Feelin' Shattered
    Rainbow Chaser / Flashbulb
    Girl in the Park / C Side in Ocho Rios
    All of Us (The Touchables) / Trapeze
    Wings of Love / Requiem to John Coltrane
    Oh! What a Performance / Darling Darlene
    The World Is Cold Without You / Christopher...
    The Saddest Day of My Life / (I Wanna Go) Home
    Pentecost Hotel / Lazy Day Drift
    Stadium / Please Believe Me
    Black Flower Bam

Q:  Hey, I have items from a record club/mail-order distributor, are you going to list those?
A:  Yes.  BMG and Columbia House are the two major American companies I'm aware of, but if there are others let me know.  I'm especially interested in any possible LP releases through these clubs.

Q:  What's the importance of spines?
A:  We try to use the catalog number from each item's spine as the default throughout the site.  It's just a whole lot easier to conform to that than mention every numbering variation one item may have -- some items actually list the catalog number differently when you compare the spine and inserts.  Detail pages will make note of the variations, though, so please include those details when you submit new info.

When submitting info, please be careful to note exactly how the catalog number is listed on the spine.  DGCD-24425 is not the same as DGCD24425 or DGCD 24425.

Q:  What is a matrix?
A:  Glossary.

Q:  What's the importance of matrix codes?
A:  The codes stamped on CD's inner rings and etched into record's run-out grooves can determine an item's authenticity.  Because quite a few Nirvana CD releases were produced in massive numbers, this info is pretty much useless -- you just don't have to worry about picking up a counterfeit Unplugged disc at the mall. :)  But it can be vitally important in regards to rare, out of print items.  The best example would be the Love Buzz single.

Some items will have several variations, depending on where and when the item was manufactured.  If your item has a different matrix code than is currently listed for any item, please submit it.

Q:  How much is ___ worth?
A:  Please read this.

Q:  Is there a section just for test pressings?
A:  Yes.

Q:  What are these new numbers on DGC/Geffen releases?
A:  The numbers were added when Universal took over DGC/Geffen, or shortly thereafter.  For example, the German pressing of the Nevermind CD (GED 24425 DGCD 24425) has these extra numbers: 424 425-2.

Q:  Do you have a list of your collection posted somewhere?
A:  Not anymore.  Here's the ironic thing: I don't own nearly the amount of things most people assume I do since I run this site.  If I did, the site would have been named The Collector's instead of The Collectors'.

Q:  What's the deal with the way you write dates?
A:  I should have put this in the very first draft of this page, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal (though it is a running inside joke for one person -- you know who you are, haha).  Basically, most dates are written in year/month/day format (1991.09.24).  If you've ever had to deal with file names that contain dates, you may have noticed that this format makes it much easier to sort things.  I realize some of you may not like this, but it's something I started doing a few years ago and came to like, both when naming files and writing dates in the discography.  It looks neat, leave me alone. ;)

And before someone says, "The dates on the search page aren't year/month/day" -- I know!  If I knew how to change it in the script, I would.  Trust me. :)

Q:  Why are some items from the United Kingdom listed as being from France?
A:  Several items, primarily those released by Tupelo, mention a company called MPO in the matrix code.  Unless I'm mistaken, MPO is a French company.  But some of those items also state "Made in England" in the credits.  So what's the deal?  My guess is that the sleeves may have been made in the U.K., while the CDs and vinyl were pressed in France.  Hopefully, that makes sense because that's the only explanation I can think of.  (In the future I will edit all of those files and list both France and the U.K. as origins.)

Q:  Is my CD with (or without) "Endless, Nameless" worth anything? / How can I tell if my Nevermind CD is a first pressing?
A:  Because there is no way to determine which CDs were part of the first pressing, all of them are worth the same.  That's NOT the answer most people want to hear, but until I'm informed of a way to differentiate one disc from another with 100% certainty, that's as good as it gets.

Q:  What is No Alternative and its hidden song?
A:  In 1993, a benefit compilation was released with Nirvana's "Sappy" as the last track.  It is not listed in any of the credits, though one odd CD does list it.


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