This page is for 1) projects I don't have time for, yet would like to have at the discography, and 2) any ideas you have for the discography.  Anyone can help, whether you're a new fan or veteran collector/trader.  All I'm looking for is results.

The one thing I will not tolerate, though, is stealing material (text, images, etc.) from other fan sites.  You must ask for and receive permission from whoever created or currently maintains the site.  If you don't get their blessing, don't use the info.  (Usually, if your request is polite and well-written, people will gladly help.)  All material sourced from other fan sites needs to have the following credits:

  • · Site title
    · URLs of the main page and info page

If the site has been abandoned, contact me and I'll see what can be done.

If you find info in published material (books, magazines, etc.) or large corporate sites, you must provide the following credits:

  • · Book/magazine title
    · Article title (if it's a magazine)
    · Author's name
    · Year it was published
    · Page number
    · URL (for corporate sites)

i n t e r v i e w s
  I'm not a fan of interview discs, but if you are you may be able to help answer questions I get from time to time.  I'm looking for people to review which items are worth buying, which items suck, and why (content, artwork, packaging, etc.).

m u s i c   v i d e o s
  I have never seen both edits of Heart-Shaped Box or all three edits of In Bloom, so it's impossible for me to describe them.  If you have, though, and can provide a detailed description of the differences, it would be appreciated.

y o u r   i d e a s
  If you have a favorite thing to collect (e.g. bootleg vinyl, posters, singles, collectibles, etc.) and want to create a specialized project or FAQ that fits into the theme of the discography, contact me and I'll consider adding it.


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