Nirvana: Unofficial Releases

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This section is for the following items:

  • · Vinyl that has been bootlegged, counterfeited, or pirated.
         · Flexi
         · 7"
         · 12" / LP

    · Cassettes that have been bootlegged, counterfeited, or pirated.

    · CDs* that have been counterfeited or pirated, those which are bootlegs but claim to be official, or those that somehow fit into the theme of this site.

    · Videos and VCDs** that have been bootlegged, counterfeited, or pirated.

* If you are looking for info on original bootleg CDs with live shows, demos, outtakes, etc., please check out Digital Nirvana's Bootography.  There you will find a comprehensive list of bootleg releases, info for most discs, and numerous scans.  (I do not maintain that site, so please direct all questions and submissions to Mitch.)  The Bootography does not list CD-R copies/clones or homemade discs.  They only deal with commercially pressed discs, otherwise known as originals.

** Because the discography's focus is on commercial releases, please refer to DN's Video Guide or the Live Guide for more specific information about dates and setlists for bootleg videos.


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