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Old news (2001):

Postcard from Krist

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  · Please read the intro page and be aware of the changes.

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  · If you do not enter a valid email address in the forms, I cannot reply to you.  Would the person that wrote about a Brazilian LP please contact me again?  And would the person that wrote about the lyrics to "Aneurysm" please try again?  Thanks.

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  · Amazon has posted the track list for the upcoming release, Nirvana.  You can see the cover art at NME.

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  · I won't bother repeating all of the same stuff here since it's all on the DN news page, but the "it's not a greatest hits" CD called Nirvana will be out this fall, with a box set and rarities disc to follow later (2004).  Finally.

· There's still no timetable on the discography conversion to a database, but I like the progress Mitch has made the last few weeks.  And although I'm still on "vacation" from this site (please don't think anything of my failure to reply to email, I've saved it all* for when I start on the site again), the fact that I'm writing this means I'm starting to get excited again about spending an insane amount of time on the site.  We'll see how long that lasts, but it's better than how I felt a few months ago.

· * It turns out that DN's host screwed up several things behind the scenes during August/September that were not immediately obvious to Mitch or I.  One such area that was affected was the forms that the discography has that allows you to send messages and questions to me.  There is a very good chance that any messages submitted during late August to mid-September were completely lost.  We have no way of figuring out which or how many messages were trashed.  Sorry.  If you could, please resend your questions and submissions if you sent a message in that time frame.  Thanks.

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  · This fall should be interesting.  The Foo Fighters are releasing a new album, One By One (LP / CD); Krist Novoselic's band, Eyes Adrift, is releasing a self-titled album; and the Cobain book, now titled Journals, is set for release.  But the biggest news is that we will see some sort of CD compilation in time for Christmas.  The CD is said to include the previously unreleased track, "You Know You're Right," though no mention has been made of other songs on the CD.  There has still not been any news about a release date for the box set we all have been waiting for.

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  · Apparently it is already possible to pre-order the book of Cobain journals that is scheduled for release this fall.  I would personally wait a while (at least until Amazon puts the title on the page), but go for it, if you must.

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  · Please read this if you've emailed me about updates.

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  · If you read the DN forums, you already know that I'm taking a break and why, so I won't repeat myself.  Once all of that stuff is sorted out, there will be progress again.  One good sign, I guess, is that I'm posting this message -- it means I'm making progress moving files and re-installing software.

· In the last month or so, a handful of people have contacted me about Unplugged CDs that have the number 12 printed on the disc.  I don't know why they are like that.  If you have one of these CDs, please fill out the CD contact form with as much info as you can.  I'm interested in your matrix code, the country you bought the disc in, and when you bought it.  (Is this a pre-Universal "feature"?)

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  · If you have one of the Nevermind promo jars, please contact me.  I'm especially interested in information about when, where, and how many of the jars were made and released.

· Added one Here She Comes Now owner to the list and added a scan for the light purple 7".

· Updated the FAQ (MPO info, Nevermind).

· Items added to the site or updated:

· Added matrix codes for:

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  · Attention Here She Comes Now owners: Recent email has informed me that there are additional color variations.  Much like the light blue and dark blue, there may be light and dark versions of the green and purple records.  If you own these items or know someone that does, please contact me or join the list.  I'm very interested in getting scans to show these color differences.

· Thanks to Mox for posting in the DN Forums that Sonic Youth will be re-releasing 1991: The Year Punk Broke on DVD.  Now if only Universal would do the same for Nirvana material.

· Corrected info for the two Heart-Shaped Box red singles (GES 19191 and GES19191).

· Items added to the site or updated:

· Added eight owners to the Pennyroyal Tea list and two to the Love Buzz list (758 and 893).

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  · If you emailed me or filled out a form in October or November and did not receive a reply (and you want one), please contact me again.  Some mail that I was sending a few weeks ago was lost.  I do not believe any incoming mail was lost, it was only messages that I sent.

· The pages with unofficial releases are back online and the discography will now be accepting info/images for commercially released bootleg videos.  We will not be cataloging Russian bootleg compilations, though, because those belong in the Bootography (even though Mitch hates those CDs).

· The book section has been re-organized.

· Items added to the site:

· Owners' lists additions: 17 new Here She Comes Now owners, 1 new Penny Royal Tea promo owner, 4 new Pennyroyal Tea single owners, and 10 new Love Buzz owners (211, 241, 268, 353, 406, 508, 568, 624, 755, and an unnumbered copy).  #798 has been updated.

· Some new info about US Promos has been added, but the owners' list has been removed.

· The covers section has a few additions, but this part of the site won't take off for a few more weeks.

· The Hormoaning 12" now has a Real or Fake? page.  More checklists may be added in the future.  (And Sebastian has created a guide for the Japanese version of the CD.  If you have any info or images to submit, please contact him.  Warning: The guide is one massive page so it will take a while to download.)


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