Love Buzz
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n o t e s
  Released in 1988.  This was Nirvana's first single, as well as the first release by Sub Pop's Singles Club.

(Except for the last release on the list, all versions are pressed on black vinyl.)

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t r a c k l i s t
  1. Love Buzz
  2. Big Cheese
r e l a t e d   r e l e a s e s
  · Bleach (1989 album)
· Big Cheese (unreleased music video)

 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23   USA   Y
  Official; limited edition.
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23   USA   Y
  Official; test pressing.
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
  "European" counterfeit.
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
  "American" counterfeit.
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
  "American" counterfeit (another version).
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
  "Left Over" Edition counterfeit.
 7"   Sub Pop   SP23       N
  Counterfeits pressed on various colors.


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