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  Released in 1993.11.09.  Nirvana's "Sappy" is an unlisted track.  ("Sappy" is the traditional title but "Verse Chorus Verse" was the working title when the song was recorded during the In Utero sessions.)

This compilation is the third in a series of AIDS awareness and fundraising productions by the Red Hot Organization.

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 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 CS   Arista   07822-18737-4   USA   Y
 CD   Arista   07822-18737-2   USA   Y
  Two versions of artwork.
 CD   Arista   07822-18737-2   USA   Y
 CD   Arista   07822-18779-2   USA   ?
  Alternate pressing or pirate release?
 CD   Arista   ARCD 8737   Canada   Y


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