Bootlegs containing Stain

Across America
Blind Pig
Blind Pig Beginnings
The Demos
Dive Into Hole
Down Under '92
Forever Gold
Forum 89
From The Muddy Banks Of The Murray
Heaven Can Wait
Help Me, I'm Hungry
The Legends Of The XXth Century
Life's Like Pit-Bulls On Crack
Live At Duffy's
Live Vol.2
The Masquerade
Outcesticide IV - It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
Outcesticide V - Disintegration
Pissing Factory
Pissing Factory
Pissing in Action
Play The F***ing Guitar, Man!!
The Raji's Burning Down
Rare Tracks Vol. I
Saturday Night Sonic Attack
A Season In Hell Part 1 Disc 1
A Season In Hell Part 1 Discs 2 & 3
Secret Songs
Smells Like Nirvana
Stiff Drinks
Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 4 - Soundboard Recording Live 1990