Love Buzz #858
o w n e r   Steve Jones
l o c a t i o n   Washington D.C.
q u o t e   "I received my copy of Love Buzz for free in September/October 1989.  A band member of mine was a Sub Pop subscriber pretty much from the club's inception.  When his Nirvana single didn't arrive as scheduled, he called the company, and they kindly sent him another copy.  However, the original copy eventually arrived but after the company had already sent out the replacement, so he ended up with two (No, he wasn't trying to scam Sup Pop...I can vouch).  He then bought a third copy for whatever reasons.  Anyway, about a year later, he decided to get rid of two of them at a Boston record convention that we both attended.  He brought along 15 to 20 various singles, but before selling them, he asked me if I wanted any of them free of charge.  I flipped through them, and the only one that caught my interest was the Nirvana single, and only because my roommate had blasted Bleach a lot during that time.  I'm sure there were some other gems in there, but I'm not kicking myself as much as he is.  As is, he sold the other copy for US$14, and I remember that because I thought it was exorbitant for a single from some unknown band."

Digital Nirvana