Love Buzz #783
o w n e r   Anthony Nyland
l o c a t i o n   England
q u o t e   "I knew a guy through a friend who used to work in Probe Records in Liverpool (One of England's oldest independent record stores).  He bought a copy from the shop when it came out.  I bumped into him one night about 4-5 years ago & mentioned it & he said he would sell me his copy.  So he went off to get the record & I went to the bank machine.  We met back at the flat & that was that.  However, about a year ago I saw the friend whose flat we had met in & he told me that when the single had come out this guy had persuaded his brother to buy one & when he had left the flat that night he had gone to his brother's & had persuaded him to sell his copy.  So I guess this guy still has his copy after all that."

Digital Nirvana