Love Buzz #739
o w n e r   Giovanni Solorio
l o c a t i o n   California
q u o t e   "i got mine at 'singles going steady' in seattle on december 5, 1998 for $325. on december 4, 1998 i flew from san jose to seattle to get chad channing to sign a drumstick (the methodists had a show that night). hours before the show, they had to cancel their performance. walking from the space needle towards downtown, i saw 'singles going steady' record store for the first time. i walked inside and browsed their collection. they were about to close, so i quickly looked around. just before i left, i saw that they had a love buzz on the wall. i didn't stop long enough to inspect it, i was so excited about seeing it for the first time in person. immediately, i called my wife (who was still in san jose) to tell her about my excitement. she asked about the price and the number (which i didn't know), but all i could say was how fulfilled i was at actually seeing it in person. i told her that i didn't know the number, but that they wanted a lot of money for it. i said that i always wanted to buy the very first one that i saw in person. she knew how much i wanted this, but the price they wanted was way too much for us. we hung up and somehow i made it to my sister's house. later that night, she called me and said that if i really wanted it, that she would buy it as part of my christmas present and first anniversary gift. the next morning i flew home to get the cash. shortly after landing, i called the store and asked them to hold it for me; that i'd fly back up to buy it the following day. that night my wife gave me some pointers on how to talk down the price. i could hardly sleep. eventually my quest at obtaining a love buzz was about to begin. with enough cash and notes on an authentic love buzz, i took one of the longest two hour flights i've ever taken. when i arrived at the store, i asked the guy for the record...praying that he didn't forget to remove it from the wall and someone buying it. the first thing that i did was check the number...OH MY GOD, #739! - thinking like that was a low number, then the reality set in. then i thought, no big deal it's an actual love buzz. after several minutes of checking ever single item to detect authenticity, i decided to try my skills at haggling. after about 15 minutes, we came to the price of $325. my heart was beating so fast as he ran handed me the record. finally, the journey had ended! walking out the store with it, to me, i was holding the most delicate item next to a new born baby. our lives together had just begun. within minutes, i had shot a 24 exposure roll of my new baby. this is my most prized nirvana item, partly because of it's history, but mostly for the sentimental value it has. thanks for taking the time to read how i got my love buzz."


Digital Nirvana