Love Buzz #713
o w n e r   Georgina Blair
l o c a t i o n   Idaho
q u o t e   "I was just wanting to add my name next to the love buzz singles that I own. I noticed you have the 416 there, but you don't have 713. I bought both of them on Ebay earlier this year. I won 416 for $535. I was pretty excited to get it until someone directed me to your site. After reading the real or fake section, I was thinking my 416 might be fake because the numbers were leaning to the right. So, I went looking on ebay for another and I found 713. I begged the seller to end early and I paid him $500 for it. After comparing both, I decided that both were authentic. And I'm a proud owner of 2 real love buzz's! You can put my name on the list. I'm Georgina Blair and I'm from Blackfoot, Idaho. I also included 2 scans of the numbers."
n o t e s   Georgina also owns #416.

(There's nothing wrong with the number in the original image.  It became a little jagged when the GIF was resized and converted to the JPG below.)


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