Love Buzz #516
o w n e r   Charles
l o c a t i o n   England
q u o t e   "I was meandering through West London in early 2000 when I came across a small dark indie record shop, so I went for a browse.  There were a few racks of boring old 12"s, so I ignored these and glanced up at the display cases.  A few old Beatles collectibles, a couple of scarce Sub Pop 7"s, and then I happened to spot the price of one of the adjacent singles (which were printed on bright red price labels) - 400.  I was rather surprised, and thought, 'What, is that a Love Buzz or something?', expecting it to be an obscure 1960s release.  On closer examination, I discovered it was indeed a Love Buzz, #516, and I would surely have missed it if I had not seen the price tag first.  (The anonymous black and white sleeve contrasts dramatically with Nirvana's later covers featuring explosions of colour.)  Since I had no particular desire to buy a Love Buzz, I left the shop, and went on my way.

"Over the next few days and weeks, I begin to wonder if I had missed a great opportunity to buy one - however the going rate on eBay was around the same level, so I did not feel any particular sense of urgency.  In March, I attempted to retrace my steps, and eventually located the shop I vaguely recalled, with my brother in tow.  I looked up to where I remembered the single being displayed, and saw to my horror that it was no longer there.  I quickly scanned the other items, and to my great relief spotted #516 a little lower down.

"For those of you who have read the other tales posted on this fabulous page, and are sceptical of the exhilaration and excitement the owners convey at buying one, let me tell you: even the most jaded, cynical collector (such as my good self) gets a sensational 'buzz' (for want of a better word) when purchasing what must be the ultimate Nirvana item.

"For myself, that meant that as soon as I expressed interest in the 7", (for which the shopkeeper eyed me with deep suspicion and scepticism), and unwrapped the vinyl from the pristine sleeve, I was overcome with geniune exhilaration and somehow I knew that I simply had to own it.  So instead of being able to haggle rationally for a discount on the hefty asking price, I was too excited to do anything other than blurt out rather too quickly to be comprehensible, 'Any chance of a discount on that?'  The shopkeeper held his ground, so I asked for a cash discount, and I settled rather too easily at 380.

"So that's the story of #516, the sleeve is mint, the B side looks virgin, and the A side has been played a few times.  Overall excellent condition.  I have not played it, and I don't intend to.  But it was all worth it for that unforgettable feeling as I walked out of the door with the single in my hands.  Don't knock it until you've done it.

"I might even provide a scan someday!"


Digital Nirvana