Love Buzz #285
o w n e r   Duncan Eyers
l o c a t i o n   England
q u o t e   "My story of the getting a copy of Love Buzz is not too dramatic, a lot of patience and a lot of money.  I'd tried to get a copy for a long time but without any success, out of the blue I was offered two copies.  One was from a bloke who used to work in a record shop that specialised in Indie music, he dealt with a bloke who imported singles from the US.  In total they got about three copies of Love Buzz in 1990, he kept two and finally decided to sell one of them.  I did check the authenticity and it 100% matches the description of the genuine single.  I also have two references that I can use, one is a European bootleg I paid about 5 Uk pounds for, plus a genuine unnumbered Love Buzz promo.  The single and sleeve of which are identical to the #285 I now have."
n o t e s   Duncan also owns #37 and an unnumbered copy.

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