MTV Unplugged In New York
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  The album was released in 1994 and contains two songs that weren't broadcast on MTV, "Something In The Way" and "Oh, Me" (some items come with stickers that indicate this).  CD inserts are printed on either rough-textured or glossy paper.  The album is also known as Unplugged In New York.

t r a c k l i s t
  1. About A Girl
  2. Come As You Are
  3. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
  4. The Man Who Sold The World
  5. Pennyroyal Tea
  6. Dumb
  7. Polly
  8. On A Plain
  9. Something In A Way
  10. Plateau
  11. Oh, Me
  12. Lake Of Fire
  13. All Apologies
  14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
r e l a t e d   r e l e a s e s
  · MTV Unplugged (1993 TV broadcast)
· About A Girl (1993 music video)
· All Apologies (1993 music video)
· The Man Who Sold The World (1993 music video)
· About A Girl (1994 single)
· All Apologies (1994 promos)
· Lake Of Fire (1994 promos)
· The Man Who Sold The World (1994 promos)
· Polly (1994 promo)
· Where Did You Sleep Last Night (1994 promo)
· Where Did You Sleep Last Night (1993 music videos)

 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 VHS               Y
 VCD   T Video CD   T-1704       N
 LP   DGC   DGC-24727   USA   Y
  Two colors of vinyl.
 LP   El Disco Es Cultura   GEF 24727P   UK   N
  Pirate picture disc.
 LP   Geffen   GEF 24727   Germany   Y
  Two colors of vinyl.
 LP   Geffen   GEF 24727   France   Y
  Black vinyl.
 LP   Geffen/MCA Victor   MVJG-25005   Japan   Y
  Black vinyl.
 LP   Simply Vinyl   SVLP 0053   UK   Y
  Audiophile re-issue.  Black vinyl.
 CS   DGC   DGCC-24727   USA   Y
 CS   DGC/BMG/Crescendo Music & Marketing   DGCC-24727   India   ?
 CS   Geffen   n/a   UK   Y
 CS   Geffen   090716   UK   Y
 CS   Geffen   GEC-24727       Y
 CS           Japan   Y
 CS           South Korea   Y
 CD   DGC   CDGCD 24727   Canada   Y
  Canadian Columbia House release.
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24727   USA   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24727DJ   USA   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCSD 24727   Canada   Y
 CD   DGC/MCA Victor   MVCG-163   Japan   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED24727   France   Y
  Released by Universal.
 CD   Geffen   GED 24727   UK   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED 24727   Germany   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED 24727   Australia   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED 24727   Brazil   Y
  "Millennium International Limited Edition Series."
 CD   Geffen   GED-24727   Germany   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED-24727       N
  Pirate gold CD.
 CD   Geffen   GEFD-24727   Australia   Y
 CD       A09-107   China   N
  Pirate gold CD.
 CD           South Korea   ?
 BOX   KMK   n/a   UK   N
  Limited edition wood box with a CD and shirt.


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