Kurt Cobain
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a u t h o r   Christopher Sandford
p u b l i s h e r   Victor Gollancz
i s b n   0575059516
f o r m a t   Book (hardcover)
p a g e s    
s i z e    
d a t e   1995.11.??

u s e r   r a t i n g s
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a v a i l a b i l i t y

n o t e s
  Most people that have read this book don't have kind things to say about its content.  But there are those that have found it somewhat entertaining and informative as an alternative view of Cobain's life.

The title is at the top of the front cover in a fat font and Sanford's name is at the bottom in a rounded graphic.  A quote also appears on the front, "'The ultimate rock and morality story' -- John Peel."  The paperback version of this book has slightly different artwork.

s o u r c e s
  Cory Brookshire, Nick Hegarty, Shaun Henderson


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