Nevermind: Nirvana
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a u t h o r s   Jim Berkenstadt and Charles Cross
p u b l i s h e r   Schirmer Books
i s b n   0028647750
f o r m a t   Book
p a g e s   173
s i z e   7" x 10"
d a t e   1998.09.??

u s e r   r a t i n g s
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o v e r a l l   8.3   (2 votes)
i n f o   9.0
a c c u r a c y   8.0
p h o t o s   7.0
r e c o m m e n d e d   9.0

a v a i l a b i l i t y
  This book appears to have been re-released.

n o t e s
  This book looks at the time period around the recording and release of Nevermind.

There are three available formats:

  • · Paperback
    · Hardcover w/ dust jacket
    · Library binding (glossy hardcover like a textbook)

r e v i e w
"Those that don't play guitar or know nothing about studios may be intimidated by the book's goal; to understand what went into making Nevermind.  But despite some technical jargon that was over my head, Berkenstadt and Cross do a good job of explaining things so that non-musicians (like me) know enough about what is going on without being turned off.

"Don't get the wrong idea, though, this isn't an entirely technical book.  The majority of the text chronicles the time before Nevermind (when Channing was still in the band and demos were made with Butch Vig), easy-reading accounts of the band's studio time in California, and how DGC decided to handle the album (both their pre-release planning and the aftermath of the album's release and success).

"Photos are sparse, but I didn't really mind."

"What can I say?  A great book about the recording of Nevermind.  I really don't care much about all those Kurt Cobain books out there, but this offers something new.  Brilliant.  If you are more like a collector of official Nirvana items, this is the book for you.  There are few photos, yes, but those which are there are great.  Promo photos and similar.  I would recommend this to everyone really.  I read through the whole book in just a few days.  Before sleeping, after waking up, at the toilet, while eating, while...  I'll stop there...  Great."
Anders Leirvik, Oct 10 2001

s o u r c e s
  Chris Lawrence, Anders Leirvik


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