Label: Baby Capone
Catalog Number:  (BC 045/2)
Recorded performance:  04-10-90 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI United States
Recorded performance:  12-28-91 - Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States
Recorded performance:  08-30-92 - Reading Festival - Reading United Kingdom

Disc 1 Runtime:  71:28 / 20 Tracks
Disc 2 Runtime:  69:48 / 19 Tracks

Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Floyd The Barber 2:51
02) Love Buzz 4:28
03) Dive 4:06
04) Spank Thru 3:21
05) Breed 3:28
06) About A Girl 3:39
07) Big Cheese 3:34
08) Scoff 4:54
09) Molly's Lips 3:08
10) Stain 2:34
11) Been A Son 1:58
12) Negative Creep 3:42
13) Blew 3:19
14) Drain You 3:35
15) Aneurysm
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:00
17) About A Girl 2:54
18) Polly 2:53
19) Sliver 2:02
20) Breed 2:55
Disc 2
01) Breed 3:01
02) Drain You 3:42
03) Aneurysm 4:54
04) School 3:11
05) Sliver 2:16
06) In Bloom 4:30
07) Come As You Are 3:42
08) Lithium 4:19
09) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:53
10) On A Plain 3:02
11) Been A Son 3:20
12) All Apologies 3:09
13) Blew 3:17
14) Dumb 2:44
15) Stay Away 3:49
16) Territorial Pissings 2:50
17) Come As You Are 3:40
18) Lithium 4:56
19) Territorial Pissings 3:33
Pissing in Action

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B-  80%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This 2CD set is a clone of "Blind Pig" & "Dumb" right down to the track times! For filler we are treated to the incomplete 11 track version of the Del Mar show. You would think that since they stole two Kiss The Stone discs that they might as well of pulled the hat trick and taken the complete show from "The Eternal Legacy," unfortunately it's the incomplete version - the same version that can be found on "See You Soon" & "The Club".

The first pressing of this set is "Pissing In Action." Later, new artwork was used and the label "Bugsy" was slapped on to this release retitled as "Louder". Before this company was shut down, "Pissing In Action" was re-released with the logo on the back inlay taken off and replaced with a circle bullseye logo (the original label's logo remained on the insert) You can tell the progression, because they never changed the matrices on the discs (which means that they were all pressed by the same master/plant.)

Personally, I prefer "Louder" because of the great artwork. "Pissing In Action" looks like it was done in MSPaint. It's very 'red' and looks like someone used the 'eraser' tool on it, while "Louder" has a very professional look to it. Also, to the best of my knowledge, "Louder" was only pressed once making it harder to find.

I would recommend this double CD set if you unable to find "Dumb" & "Blind Pig" (both discs are fairly common). Otherwise this is only a set for veteran collectors and others should just pass it up to get the one disc versions.

Please go to the "Blind Pig" & "Dumb" reviews for info on these shows and their sound.

Another pressing of this title exists that uses a rougher paper stock for the inserts and has the "Baby Capone" logo on the back Inlay instead of the circular "target" logo that appears in the scans.

Mislabels - Disc 2 :
"All Apologies" Labeled As "Mary"
"Stay Away" Labeled As "Star Away"

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