LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Complete Reading Festival 1992

Label: No Label
Catalog Number:  (920830-1/2)
Recorded performance:  08-30-92 - Reading Festival - Reading United Kingdom

Disc 1 Runtime:  41:11 / 12 Tracks
Matrix: <920830-1> GH424E SA
Disc 2 Runtime:  46:35 / 13 Tracks
Matrix: <920380-2> FH425C SA

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Disc 1
01) Breed 2:57
02) Drain You 3:57
03) Aneurysm 4:38
04) School 3:06
05) Sliver 2:23
06) In Bloom 4:37
07) Come As You Are 3:38
08) Lithium 5:12
09) About A Girl 2:59
10) tourette's 2:13
11) Polly 2:41
12) Lounge Act 2:50
Disc 2
01) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:41
02) On A Plain 3:20
03) Negative Creep 2:56
04) Been A Son 3:20
05) All Apologies 3:34
06) Blew 3:45
07) Dumb 2:37
08) Stay Away 3:44
09) Spank Thru 3:08
10) Love Buzz 3:29
11) The Money Will Roll Right In 3:15
12) D-7 3:56
13) Territorial Pissings 3:50
Complete Reading Festival 1992

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  85%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Well its the complete Reading Festival.... don't expect the same sound that you have on the FM Broadcast of this show!!! If you do, then you will be in for a huge letdown. This version is a fairly average audience recording. If this was any other show than it probably would get a low C or high D rating... but since so many awesome songs were played and this is the only commercial release of the complete show I have to give it a solid B. It is a Japanese double CD making it fairly pricey and hard to find and the sound quality isn't too desirable at some points but still a great addition to the veteran collector, where the beginner would probably be just as happy with the FM or a CDR of the complete show.

The show isn't complete, as the cover states.. It is missing the "The Rose" intro" at the start of the show (Included in both FM versions) and does not have the entire demolition. It also seems to be ever so slightly edited in-between a few tracks, however, the editing is kept to a minimum. This was taken from a fairly low generation audience recording, but since the disc has been released, a lower generation has surfaced. Once the entire soundboard FM version gets out, the audience version won't even be considered by some collectors.

The first disc starts out sounding fairly raw and "Drain You" is muddy sounding in some parts... after the first two tracks the quality improves until you get to the last track on the second disc "Territorial Pissings" which sounds like the tape was "eaten" by the tape player at a few spots! Besides those tracks expect a average to slightly below average sound for the rest of the songs

The best thing about the audience recording is that you can hear some things that the bands says/sings that are not on the FM version. Such as at the Beginning of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" you can hear Kurt singing "More Than A Feeling" :-) The price of the disc is almost worth that alone!

The "Complete Reading Festival" double CD comes in a 'fat' double case and does not contain a insert so I am using the front inlay as the cover. The "Excellent Sound Remaster!" advertisement on the front is actually some noise reduction :-( and is just the slightest bit touched up... (there is no "tape hiss").
"Breed" is actually from the 9/10/92 Portland Meadows show.

Mislabels - Disc 2 :
"Money Will Roll Right In, The" Labeled As "Money Will Roll On"

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