Label: Kiss The Stone
Catalog Number:  (KTS336)
Recorded performance:  12-28-91 - Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States

Runtime: 79:07 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: KTS336
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Love Buzz 3:18
02) About A Girl 2:39
03) Polly 2:36
04) Spank Thru 3:15
05) Son Of A Gun 2:46
06) Molly's Lips 1:49
07) D-7 3:44
08) Turnaround 2:15
09) Dumb 2:34
10) Drain You 4:00
11) Endless, Nameless 8:46
12) Drain You 3:42
13) Aneurysm 4:24
14) School 2:38
15) Floyd The Barber 2:20
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:51
17) About A Girl 2:55
18) Polly 2:55
19) Sliver 2:02
20) Breed 2:54
21) Come As You Are 3:43
22) Lithium 4:50
23) Territorial Pissings 3:51
The Eternal Legacy

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A   97%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
The 12/28/91 tracks were lifted from "Live" which some collectors consider to be the best recording available from the Del Mar radio broadcast, sadly KTS did a "Hack Job" on it and it sounds flat and lifeless compared to "Live". It's a relatively short show, so KTS kindly gave us ALL of the Peel sessions as filler (tracks 1 - 11). The artwork is great, the disc quality is superb, and it's over 79 minutes long.

There are quite a few discs that contain the Del Mar show. The Eternal Legacy is probably the best "value" of any available bootleg. The majority of other discs containing the Del Mar show do not sound quite as good. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone adjusting the "noise" level on a few tracks, particularly when Dave kicks in with the drums, this is the result of the compression applied either during broadcast or mastering. This is a good disc to have for veteran and beginning collectors alike. This disc might be considered a "classic" bootleg.

The Eternal Legacy was originally released in 1994 and repressed in 1995.

The disc pictured here is the 3rd pressing.
It is possible that other pressings were done by "KTS", but also that counterfeit pressings were done by other companies (like for "Up In Smoke" or "Trick Or Treat").
The three original pressings done by "KTS" are easily identified From their picture discs :
- original first pressing has : "made in italy 1994 SIAE KTS 336 Stereo"
- second pressing has : "1994 ACUM KTS 336 stereo"
- third pressing has : "1994 KTS 336 stereo"

In 1994/1995, "KTS" had to move their home from Misano to San Marino, due to the fact that bootlegs were confirmed as illegal in Italy by the "SIAE". So during 1993-1996, "KTS" had to change the artwork of their releases, for their catalogs, pressings/copyrights infos, etc etc. All the later repressings used the original films and designed artworks, none were repressed using scans.

The second and third pressings are a bit strange, mainly due to the info included on them.
The second pressing is probably really early, because the catalog still has the "CD Music Co" info. You can see that the back inlays don't have the SIAE stamp, which is logical as the CD was marked with the "ACUM" logo (Israel "SIAE" / "SACEM" / "GEMA").
The third pressing (pictured on the bootography) gives no info on the disc. The insert includes a small "ACUM" logo, but this is possibly a lie (the CDs may have been pressed anywhere, and the covers printed by a different printer). It would be interesting to Check if a catalog was included with the third pressing, and if it was a "CD Music Co" or a "KTS Records" catalog.
The first pressing had the matrix: KTS 336 PHC 02 @
The second pressing had the matrix:KTS 336 (95245102)

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