Label: Rocks
Catalog Number:  (92114)
Recorded performance:  12-13-93 - Pier 48 (MTV Live And Loud) - Seattle, WA United States
Recorded performance:  12-28-91 - Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States

Runtime: 55:38 / 14 Tracks
Matrix: ROCKDREAMS [02] 92114
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:33
02) Drain You 3:44
03) Breed 3:04
04) Serve The Servants 3:24
05) Rape Me 2:39
06) Heart-Shaped Box 4:32
07) Pennyroyal Tea 3:42
08) Scentless Apprentice 3:31
09) Lithium 4:29
10) Demolition 6:18
11) School 2:40
12) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:40
13) Lithium 4:55
14) Territorial Pissings 3:27
Aqua Seafoam Shame

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
A nice copy of the Mtv broadcast version of the show. The Mtv broadcast is/was incomplete, thus all the discs that ripped off this broadcast are incomplete also. It's a very live and energetic show and fun to listen to. Most versions of this show are the same (excellent soundboard) quality so it just depends on which extra tracks you want besides the 10 from 12-13-93.

You shouldn't have to spend too much on the disc because it can be easily found on different discs (a VERY common show). Also the final 4 tracks from the O'Brian Pavilion have extra crowd noise added (very well) over the soundboard tracks to make it sound "different." If you are not familiar with the style of the Del Mar tracks then you could be tricked very easily. All copies of this disc are prone to CD-rot, the story goes that the bootleggers were raided during production and escaped with a load of unfinished discs,"Noose" is the Other title to be affected

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 96% - Submitted by Schmokes on 2001.04.08 05:25:04 PM
Although all CDs containing the 12-13-93 show are incomplete, Aqua Seafoam Shame has the best sound quality avaliable for the show, and this fact has been overlooked. Other discs containing the show, such as All Acoustically, do not have the sound quality of Aqua Seafoam Shame. Do not get All Acoustically unless you are a completist: the extremely mono-sounding source found on All Acoustically is un-listenable after having heard Aqua Seafoam Shame. Aqua Seafoam Shame is a true stereo recording - well defined left and right channels, not the muddy, mono-sounding source found on the KTS disc. Plus Aqua Seafoam Shame has better frequency response - the sound is crisper and fuller in every aspect.
The Del Mar tracks arent even worth a listen on this disc, and are a sorry excuse for filler. Get the Eternal Legacy for that show. Aqua Seafoam Shame may share the same source with other discs containing 12-13-93 (with the exception of All Acoustically), but you can be assured that it contains the best quality sound avaliable for the Live and Loud show, even if it is not the only disc containing this source.

Rating: 93% - Submitted by Dreamytree on 2002.11.27 12:02:11 AM
It is a good version of this very common Seattle 93 show BUT some details make it even more interesting: This edition has a real stereo mix (you can definitely notice this with headphones)which is not the case of others in mono; And the few calm seconds before the blasting out ending of Endless Nameless (often referred to as "Destruction" or "Noise", whatever) are kept on this CD which isn't the case of In Scope for instance where they edited this passage.Always good to get it for that.

"Jam" Labeled As "Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip"

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