Label: Cocomelos Records
Catalog Number:  (CM001)
Recorded performance:  04-10-90 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI United States

Runtime: 45:10 / 13 Tracks
Matrix: CM 001 PHC
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Floyd The Barber 2:52
02) Love Buzz 4:27
03) Dive 4:06
04) Spank Thru 3:21
05) Breed 3:29
06) About A Girl 3:38
07) Big Cheese 3:35
08) Scoff 4:53
09) Molly's Lips 3:07
10) Stain 2:33
11) Been A Son 1:58
12) Negative Creep 3:42
13) Blew 3:20
Blind Pig

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is a good show with excellent sound for it's date. The disc was actually mastered from a vinyl source (a record) and contains pops and crackles throughout. All other discs containing this date were cloned from Blind Pig. Don't let the vinyl source thing scare you... it's still one of the better sounding shows from this time period. Blind Pig was released in 1992.

The band sounds good and Krist makes a joke about the beer being served in Dixie cups. There is very little talk and there are no rarities played. While the disc is solid in all aspects, there is nothing spectacular that makes it truly stand out. Cocomelos Records is one of KTS's "off labels" and shouldn't be too difficult to find. "Blind Pig" is great to pick up for an early ninety's show.

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 98% - Submitted by MN Rocker on 2003.09.03 09:30:38 AM
This show is nothing short of Awesome! The band seems to be really into it & the crowd is really into it as well. When I listen to this CD I can feel the passion of the whole atmosphere, not just Kurt & the band. It sounds like a pretty intelligent audience for a Nirvana show in 1990. I can hear some people yelling " Negative Creep!, Negative Creep!" during parts of the show. When the band finally plays Negative Creep the crowd yells & screams with delight. Right after that song you can hear someone in the distance screaming f-bombs about something (a camera I think). Then someone closer to the microphone says "That guy has some problems". All in all I think it's an Awesome show with a good sounding audience recording. In fact I would put the sound & performance right up there with "Stiff Drinks". It's too bad that there are only 13 tracks, but they are all gems!

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04-10-90 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI United States
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