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We are making significant progress but there are MANY questions to be answered.  Can you identify this jam?

There are questions being posed and answers given on a daily basis in the Collaborative Effort forum.  If you have a gripe/comment/complaint/correction, please post it in the forum.  Countless errors have been corrected since the song guide went live.

There are now additional ways to view the songs in the song guide.  Mislabels are being separated from mislabels that appear in the Nirvana Bootography.  All bootleg releases with a given song are being listed with the song information.  Tracklistings in the Nirvana Bootography now link back to the information in the Song Guide.  There's more to come!

Songs are sorted and listed in the left frame according to the type or "status" and broken down as follows:

All Songs (including Jams)
This menu will display every entry in the DN Song Guide.

Nirvana Originals
This menu will only display the songs that Nirvana wrote.

Cover Songs
This menu will only display the songs that Nirvana performed at some point, whether live or in a studio, but did not write.

Covers by Author
This menu will only display songs that Nirvana covered, but sorted by the original author.

Side Projects
This menu will only display the songs that band members were involved with outside of Nirvana up until 1994.  In other words, you will generally not find Foo Fighters, Sweet 75, or The Methodists information in this guide.  (The Discography will cover those releases, though, when the new system is unveiled.)

Songs Jammed On
This menu will only display songs that Nirvana jammed on, but did not perform from beginning to end.  Keep in mind, though, that some entries in this section will be nothing more than a few seconds of a riff or one line from a song.

Songs by Official Release
This menu will only display songs that were released on official items such as albums, singles, compilations, etc.  (Songs are sorted alphabetically, not according to the tracklist.)


Most of the rest of the songs in the guide have undergone cosmetic updates.


Other tracks from the Rio sessions have surfaced as well. Information regarding those songs will be updated shortly.


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