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Stinking Of You

Side Project

Song Author
Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love

Recording Session(s)
No Nirvana Studio Recording

Co-written by Cobain and Courtney Love, this song has not been released. It was mentioned by Love in a Rolling Stone article:

"Love also mentions to me a song she and Cobain wrote together called "Stinking of You," the same night she wrote the Hole B side "20 Years in the Dakota." "It's really cute and Breeder-y," she says. She sings some of it to me, humming the riff in between the lyrics: "I'm stinking of you . . . I don't care my life is shattered, it's my point of view. . . ." She says she wrote the "stinking of you" bit ("that dumb little line") and he wrote the "life is shattered" verses ("the more sophisticated, better part")."
Chris Heath
Rolling Stone, 897, 2002.06.06


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
None Documented

Mislabels in the Bootography
None Documented

I'm stinking of you...I don't care my life is shattered, it's my point of view

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