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Sunday, March 23, 2003
Effective 5 p.m. (Central), I have switched the discography's forms to send mail to the new editors.  This means I will no longer be handling submissions and questions, nor will I be accepting images.  And speaking of images, from this time forward (and until another announcement says otherwise) all scans MUST BE UPLOADED TO WEB SPACE, NOT ATTACHED TO EMAIL.  If you do not have web space, I'd recommend using Yahoo's Geocities as a free and easy-to-use method of online file storage.  (If you have a Yahoo email account, you already have a Geocities account, if you didn't know.)

To notify Anders or Rob about image submissions, please post in the DN Collecting Forum.

Also, the owners' lists forms have been removed.  I don't know what the ultimate solution to that section will be, but until something happens I don't want any more mail about it and I doubt the new editors do either.

- Dave

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
If you don't read the Digital Nirvana Forums or the Digital Nirvana news section, and wonder what's going on, this "announcement" is for you.

Last year, work on the discography was halted in anticipation of the creation of a database that would enable the discography to truly become part of Digital Nirvana.  I decided to stop working on the site because I didn't see the need to do everything twice (old site, new site).  If you want to criticize this decision or continue to send emails about when the next update will be, be my guest.

Having all of the content in a database would allow you, the user, to surf between the sections with less effort.  Of course, making this possible requires a tremendous amount of work for the person that codes it.  DN only has one such person -- Mitch.  Although he will soon have help, the fact that people have lives has delayed this project.

While that was going on, I lost interest in Nirvana.  Not completely, but it's definitely not the same as it was a few years ago.  I intended to add new editors to the site to help the updating process, but those guys will now be in charge of the discography.  I will likely only remain part of the team to finish adding the material all of you have sent me.  Beyond that, I very much doubt I will continue in any capacity at Digital Nirvana.

I hope to soon start steering discography questions, suggestions, and submissions to the new editors, thus taking me out of the loop (and reducing what I'll have left to do).  But let me stress this...Although the new guys will be dealing with your emails, there is still no timetable on when the next update will be.  Please do not bother them with questions of this nature.  About all they can do is hang onto your submission until everything is ready to roll.  And they will not know about anything you sent me in the past.  I'm the one that will deal with that material, so don't bug them about it.

To those of you that are wondering about the owners' lists or those of you I have not replied to, I will deal with your email eventually.  I have been saving all emails.  I'm sorry, but that's as good as it gets.  (Also, the owners' lists may change to a system that would allow YOU to create and maintain your own collection lists.  Obviously, this would speed up the process, but it also requires more work for Mitch.)

There are other issues that need to be dealt with, but for now I hope this explains what has been going on and what will be coming.

- Dave

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