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Unknown Jam 1992.10.30 #1

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This song was originally uncovered in August of 2002. According to Come As You Are:

"The first thing they played was an improvised jam, which deterioriated into a fifteen-minute feedback fest from Kurt."
Michael Azerrad
Come As You Are, October 1993, page 290

Because Come As You Are has described this song as an improvised jam, it is listed under "Songs Jammed On" and not "Nirvana Originals" (though it could be considered both). Our current stance is that this is a jam, not a song that was written prior to it's performance.

The title "Nobody Knows I'm New Wave" that is listed as a mislabel was derived from a magazine article containing the setlist. This title is suspect since the same article contained numerous mislabels for other songs.

This is NOT related to the Pure song of the same title. Pure released a track with this title in 1995, three years AFTER the Nirvana performance.


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
Nobody Knows I'm New Wave
Nobody Knows That I'm New Wave

Mislabels in the Bootography
None Documented

Lyrical Interpretation (These are not perfect)

Sure, I can shit anywhere and I promise to kill
I will shit on the stage and I´ll
Crawl with the sound and I'm falling down
If I...???

I choose to shit anywhere and I promise to shit on your head, if you want
I've forgotten to bother to ???
??? with ???

God, I'm shit
I'll shit anywhere
And now I choose you
Shit on your face
And I'm...right
And God, oh God
Oh why/wife my ???
Want my ???

I´m new wave (3x)
I´m new wave (3x)
I'm old school (2x)
I'm new wave
I'm afraid
I'm a wave (2x)
I'm new wave and I'll shit anywhere that I please

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