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Unknown Song 1993.01.22 #2

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This song first surfaced among traders in August of 2002. It first appeared as a freak occurance when a trader happened to see Seasons In The Sun available on an online MP3 trading service. To his surprise, many (perhaps all) of the Rio Demo tracks recorded on January 22nd, 1993 were available in 192kbps MP3 format.

This song is approximately 1:23 in length and features thrash-metal like guitar riffs throughout the track. It sounds nothing like any other song that is associated with Nirvana. The lyrics include an unknown voice saying "Meat!" at various intervals.

According to session producer Craig Montgomery, this song is a "Grohl creation". Craig believes that Dave played everything, while other claim to recognize both Kurt's voice and guitar style.

Unlike the other surfaced tracks from the 1993.01.22 Rio Sessions, this one seem to have been mastered, as particularly the drums sound different than the other songs from the session.

DN Member Sebastian adds:

"There are 2 "evil-metal-voice" tracks dubbed through all the song and 2 guitars, so I don't think this was a one-take song.
The first guitar take is the one on the right channel, because the guitar on the left channel is the one that starts of later. you can also hear a metronome before the starting on the right channel.
The high pitch voice can only be heard on the right channel (first take)."

(Thanks to LN member Alex Roberts for obtaining the info from Craig Montgomery.)


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Note: The lyrics for this song are more or less improvised by Kurt as he sings the song. There is no official lyric sheet available and many words are hard to make out. Listed below is a transcription made by DN members to give an idea of what the lyrics might be:

[high voice] Hmm chicken beaf shrimp? veal.



Uhhh! [here you can hear both voices quite good]

Meeeeeeaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!! [left channel] + Veeeeeeaaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!! [right channel]

[high voice, right channel only]
Yummy (cherry?)
Raw Bloody Steak
Mmmhhhh poultry

Meat! [right channel] + Uhhh! [left channel]

[spoken, left channel only]
Okay now Dave, I'll need to take you back

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