March 31st, 2012
Added Additional Artwork:
A Season In Hell Part 2 Disc 1
A Season In Hell Part 2 Discs 2 & 3
First Avenue Club (Dead Star)
Forum 89 (Green)
Forum 89 (Yellow)
Live At The U4
Mindblower (Fake Small Clone Repressing)
Tacoma 1987
Trick Or Treat
Trust No One
Twilight Of The Gods
Up In Smoke
Va Te Faire Enculer (1 disc version)
Where Were You In '89?

March 7th, 2012
Added Additional Artwork:
Shotgun Wedding
Drop Dead

January 5th, 2012
Added Reviews:
Live At The Castle Theatre
Rought Tapes (Octopus)

Added Additional Artwork:
Breed - The Nevermind Sessions
First Live First Demo
In Memory Of Kurt
See You Soon
Testament Outcesticide II
The Club
The Last Cry
Unplugged (Bugsy)

February 17th, 2011
Started replacing the scans which were lost during the transfer to a new server, added matrixes to various discs

January 21st, 2009
Corrected the review of "Heroes And Heroine" To reflect that this disc is sourced from an FM Broadcast, not a TV broadcast as previously thought.
Corrected the review of "Monyana" LP to reflect the incorrect tracklisting on the sleeve

Added Review:
Nipped In The Bud

December 10, 2007
Fixed 12"s, 7"s and Cassettes listings

Added cassettes:
Roma, Last Concert In Japan, Trick Or Treat, Unplugged Live, In Scope, Demos & Outtakes Vol 1 & 2, Live In Seattle, The Eternal Legacy, In The Bloom, Complete Cover Versions, Amsterdam 91, San Francisco 1993.

Added scans:
Make Me Sick
Out Of The Blue (second pressing)

Updated reviews:
Outcesticide I, Outcesticide I Remastered

September 23, 2007
Added new titles:
Final Solution
Radical Action

Updated reviews:
A Higher State Of Mind, Alternate Albini Mix, Dumb, Into The Black Disc 1 & 2, Into The Black - Disc 4, In Utero Demos, Outcesticide I, Outcesticide I Remastered, Outcesticide V, Out Of The Womb, Paradiso Lost, The Demotapes 1988-1990, The Eternal Legacy, The Last UK Show.

August 22, 2007
In response to emails sent to the Live Nirvana Bootography we advise our readers not to buy "I Don't Have A Gun".
Bootography researcher Vince Dome has seen this release and has confirmed that it is a cd-r and NOT a Factory pressed CD
we strongly advise our readers to obtain the 11/23/91 Ghent concert in more complete form and better quality through trading circles

August 19, 2007
completely rewritten the entry for
Reciprocal Studio Demos
to reflect new information Thanks to Javier Diaz

Added New Titles
In Memory Of Kurt
Final Curtain
Thanks to Florian Haun

Corrected various dead links and formatting errors
The Live Nirvana Bootography would like to thank Javier Diaz for his hard work and support

May 24, 2007
Added 3 New Titles
All The Kings Horses
The Druids Jam
Thanks to everyone on the Live Nirvana Message Board & OMS

May 16, 2007
Added Many New Titles to The DVD Section

Added 2 New titles to the cassette section
(In Italy Volumes 1 & 2)
Added Scans of the "In Scope" VHS Cassette
Thanks to everyone on the Live Nirvana Message Board

January 06, 2007
updated the review for "Total Fucking Godhead"

Uploaded many new scans
Thanks to Andreas Magnusson

December 15, 2006
Partially updated The "By Label" Listing for cd's

Uploaded many new scans
Thanks to Jeremy Plenecassagne

Begun Reinstating Reader Reviews except where they're substantialy factually incorrect ( I'll correct minor errors)
Thanks to Everyone who contributed to the reader reviews

December 08, 2006
Corrected The Alphabetical Listing for cd's
Thanks to John Faulkner, Andreas Magnusson and Katie Saarikko

Officially unveiled the Live Nirvana Vinyl Bootography!
Thanks to Anders Leirvik, Chris Wallace and Alan Lonsdale

December 05, 2006
Corrected The Alphabetical Listing for cd's

Bootleg News:
the following new titles have come to our attention:
Nirvana - Braindrain (1CD+Bonus DVD) Paradiso,
Amsterdam, Holland 11/25/91 On Air Reel To Reel
Master. Bonus Dvd Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
11/25/91. 24Bit Digital Remastering. Sappy Music
Entertainment.Spy-CD-002 ( we are sceptical about the "reel to reel master" Claim , but the dvd could be an upgrade over the existing VID2)

Nirvana - Stages Perfect Collection (2Real Silver DVD)
Disc 1: Live Unplugged 18th, Nov 1993 At Mtv Studio NY
And Live And Loud '93 On Mtv, Live At Seattle 13th Dec
1993. Disc 2: Unseen Live 10th Jan 1992 At Mtv Studio
NY And More Promotional Clips. 238 Min (Pro-Shot)
Sappy Music Entertainment. SPY-DVD-001

November 23, 2006
Uploaded scans for a new digipack edition of "Heart Shaped Rome"

Bootleg News: repressings of 7" vinyl titles like "Penu Baby" & "Smells Like Nirvana" are appearing on Ebay (sound quality is unknown at present)

November 17, 2006

started lists (by date) for Bootleg Cassettes
Special thanks to Douglas Baptie & Anders Leirvik
Bootleg News: "World Without End" Is being repressed

November 06, 2006

Uploaded new Scans & corrected info for many titles
Added following new Bootlegs:
Fighting The 'N' Factor 2/23/94,9/23/93, 12/23/90
Paradiso 11/25/91
Try It, You'll Like It 02/11/90, 04/xx/90
A Tribute To The Vaselines Disc 2 Outmod Punk Mentality 08/23/91
Reading 91 08/23/91
Live At The Off Ramp Cafe
Ok Let's Rock (Vinyl comp) (still need accurate tracklist)
Bleach Sessions (Vinyl)
Whiplash (vinyl)
Seattle sound sounds great (vinyl)
Twat-A-Twat (vinyl) (need more info on the completeness of this)
Noose 11/18/93
BBC Transcription disc (vinyl) 11/25/91
Entertain us (vinyl)
Newcastle 91 (vinyl) still need scans
Wipeout (vinyl)
Seventh Heaven (vinyl)
sub pop in store promo ( vinyl boot)
sub pop in store promo ( vinyl boot)
Come back with us (vinyl 11/18/93)
Psychotic Reaction (vinyl) also raised the grade of both versions of this
Unreleased tracks
Rare Trax Vol.2 (peel +smart sessions + unknown)
Kurts Grand Finale (cloned from tour over europe or vice versa) Heart Shaped Box disc 1 (ripped from official releases F-)
Heart Shaped Box disc 2 (ripped from official releases F-)
What (not paradiso as reported) 11/18/93 (missing dumb) 12/13/93 (missing RFUS)
Heart Shaped Box Discs 3 &4 (mostly ripped outcesticide unremastered & rough tapes but has those 2 good quality peel tracks though they're now redundant, live b-sides, has 2 tracks from 10/19/91 vid source)
Heart Shaped Box disc 5. scans on the way (thanks Andreas Magnusson)
Heart Shaped Box disc 6. scans on the way (thanks Andreas Magnusson)
As Alive As Ever 8/27/91
Heart Shaped Box discs 7& 8. scans on the way (thanks Andreas Magnusson) 7/23/93, 11/18/93
Unreleased tracks alt pressing (Thanks to Laurent Beck)
Heroes & Heroine (need scans but Nick has this cd so it's ok) single disc version of 1/23/93
Love Box (Vinyl)
Live And Alive Vol.3v Drop Dead
Live (vinyl)
started lists (by date) for Bootleg 7"s , 12"s and DVD's
Special thanks to Vince Dome & Anders Leirvik

October 23, 2006

Added entries for 60 Bootleg Cd's
Jesus Loves Me 10/12/91, 12/06/91, 09/09/92, 02/23/94
Live Buzz '92 06/26/92
My Life After Death 04/17/90
Bienvenue Au Plat Pays 09/11/92
Fire Extinguisher (Sappy Music) 02/19/92
Wasted 05/06/90, 11/27/93
Miami 1993 11/27/93
Come Like Tetsu's Lovers 02/14/92
Valentine Massacre 02/14/92
Psycho Killer 12/14/93
In A Land Far Far Away 02/01/92
Narcolepsy 02/01/92
Melbourne 1992 02/01/92, 11/05/91
Bleach Of The U4 11/22/89
Basement Walls 05/13/90
Last Valentine 02/14/94
The Ultimate Collection Volume 1 10/31/91, 12/28/91, 11/18/93, 10/21/90, 11/05/91
Ce Petite Group Underground 11/11/91
Feedback Mentality (Dead Star) 09/11/92
The Lost Concert 12/28/91, 08/17/90, 01/xx/93
Live At The U4 11/22/89
The Smell Of. 04/10/90, 02/09/90, 10/21/90
Swap Meet 06/26/92
The Ultimate Collection Volume 1 (alt pressing)10/31/91, 12/28/91, 11/18/93, 10/21/90, 11/05/91
No Place Like Home 10/31/91
Live On Air 04/17/87, 01/11/92, 09/25/93
A Roman Prophecy 02/22/94, 11/18/93
Noizemaker (Dead Star) 02/07/92
Missing In Action 02/22/94, 11/18/93
The Complete Kurt's Home Recording
Outcesticide (2001 re-issue)
Outcesticide 2 (2001 Re-issue)
Mecalinfluenced 02/11/90
The Live Collection. In Bloom 11/25/91, 11/10/89
Va Te Faire Enculer (single disc version) 02/16/94
Wednesday, April 17, 1991 OK Hotel 4/17/91
The Last American Concert 12/13/93, 11/25/91
Lost Horizons 11/23/91
Reciprocal Studio Demos 10/21/91 , 1/23/88 (studio)
Bleach Out! Break Out! (Dead Star) 07/08/89
The Sessions 1/xx/93, 9/xx/89, 11/25/91, 01/01/91
Trust No One 07/15/89, 11/16/89
Plugged/Unplugged 11/18/93 (still need tracklisting)
In Utero - The Demos
Pain (crappy compilation)
Bang Tango (Digipack)
Complete Cover Versions (1st pressing)
Eternal Legacy (crappy compilation)
The Ultimate Live Collection Vol.2
Live & Alive Vol.2 11/18/93, 12/13/93
Krist Jamming 12/01/89, 12/02/89
Plugged 2/22/94
First Avenue Club (Dead Star) 10/14/91
Psychout Induction (Dead Star) 12/14/93
Supercolossal Big Muff (Dead Star)01/06/90
Moist Vagina 09/03/91, 10/21/90
San Diego '91 Arriba repressing 12/28/91
Smells Like Cover Versions
Make Me Sick 7/23/93
Cow Palace 12/31/91 (no evidence of a silver bottomed CD found)
Thanks to Bart Sleddens, Chris Jonasson, Patrick Horn, Mathias Pollentier, Luke Hawkins, Vince Dome, Cory Brookshire and Daniel O'Sullivan

July 17, 2006

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