Label: Planet X
Catalog Number:  (TBC)
Recorded performance:  02-15-90 - Raji's - Hollywood, CA United States
Recorded performance:  11-25-91 - Paradiso - Amsterdam The Netherlands

Runtime: 67:59 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: TBC
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:32
02) Drain You 3:35
03) Aneurysm 4:19
04) School 2:28
05) Floyd The Barber 2:14
06) About A Girl 2:47
07) Polly 2:35
08) Lithium 3:58
09) Sliver 2:04
10) Breed 2:49
11) Been A Son 1:59
12) Negative Creep 2:38
13) On A Plain 3:01
14) Blew 3:01
15) Love Buzz 3:16
16) Dive 3:36
17) Spank Thru 2:58
18) Breed 3:13
19) Scoff 3:57
20) About A Girl 2:30
21) Molly's Lips 1:57
22) Been A Son 2:03
23) Stain 2:29
Radical Action

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This CD is a clone of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Below is the review for that disc.
This CD Contains 2 Incomplete Concerts the Legendary Paradiso 91 gig and the Hollywood performance from 2-15-90. The first 15 tracks are from the Paradiso show, and like all discs from this date (with exception of Paradiso Lost and it's clones), it's mangled to hell!

The Paradiso tracks follow the order of the 1st radio broadcast of the show. Come as You Are and Territorial pissings are missing, and Smells Like Teen Spirit has been plucked from mid-set and placed at the beginning, the bootleggers took the Paradiso tracks from Amsterdam 91 and overdubbed fake crowd noise over the edits The beginnings of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Drain You are chopped off (the first bar of the opening riff from Smells Like Teen Spirit & The First syllable of Drain You!). The sound is a bit murky and it doesn't come close to the Three Paradiso tracks that appeared on The Last UK Show. It's listenable after the first 2 songs even if the sound is a bit generated. It's highly recommended that you pick up Sliver if you are looking for this show.

The last 8 tracks are what make this disc special (and keep it from receiving a failing grade!). The Hollywood 2-15-90 performance is incomplete, but it sounds fairly good, it's no longer the best source but stil listenable. The band are in great form and the banter is intact! All 8 tracks are great versions of the songs and the sound is perfect. If only they had included the missing 5 tracks from this show, it would definitely have received an A+ rating!

"On A Plain" Labeled As "On A Plane"
"Been A Son" Labeled As "In Bloom"

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