Label: unknown
Catalog Number:  (unknown)
Recorded performance:  02-22-94 - Palaghiaccio - Rome Italy

Runtime: 75:58 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: unknown
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:00
02) Drain You 3:33
03) Breed 3:03
04) Serve The Servants 3:10
05) Come As You Are 3:34
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:37
07) Sliver 2:13
08) Dumb 3:00
09) In Bloom 4:12
10) About A Girl 2:39
11) Lithium 3:58
12) Pennyroyal Tea 3:31
13) School 2:34
14) Polly 3:13
15) Very Ape 2:18
16) Lounge Act 2:36
17) Rape Me 2:38
18) Territorial Pissings 2:35
19) All Apologies 3:16
20) On A Plain 3:21
21) Scentless Apprentice 3:39
22) Heart-Shaped Box 7:50
The Last Cry

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: C  79%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc caused quite a storm when it first became known to the members of LiveNirvana, it utterly divided opinion down the middle between those who loved it and those who hated it (This was before a perfect FM>Dat of the show had surfaced). Basically what seems to have happened is that some enterprising bootlegger got a copy of one of the existing bootlegs (I've forgotten which) and did an AMAZING remaster and here is the result!
The 2/22/94 FM Broadcast was always rather thin sounding and light on bass, and all the bootlegs have been eq'ed to bring up the bass, but this one just leaps out of the speakers! Unfortunately its full of clicks and other digital errors! so an almost perfect disc is reduced to a C Grade, this is nothing short of a tragedy as the remastering added a new dimension to a previously lifeless show, and was probably the first time I'd ever listened to the show without getting bored.
On the positive side, most of the clicks are very quiet apart from a bad cluster at the start of "About A Girl"
This disc is missing Dave's "Thank You, I'm a Rock Star" Comment at the very end of the show

It's fairly redundant since the FM>dat surfaced in 2006 but I'm still inclined to reccomend this disc to anyone who finds the unmolested soundboard of this show too thin sounding, but be aware of the drawbacks

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