Who's Who In NIRVANA's History Updates

April 11, 2014

Added Ruud Berends, Danny Bland, Chris Dalston, Christophe Davy, Christof Ellinghaus, Deniela Giombini, Doug Hood, Stephen Pavlovic and Michele Vlasimsky all courtesy Alex Roberts.

Updated the entry for Russell Warby courtesy of Alex Roberts.

December 12, 2013

Added Bethann Buddenbaum, Michael Dalke, Lisa Gladfelter Bell, Garry Mackenzie, Jeff Mason, Don Muller, Kelly Nase, Craig Overbay, Cathryn Suko, Jimmy Swanson, Jim Merlis, Ed Swink, Jim Vincent, Russell Warby, and Luke Wood all courtesy of Alex Roberts.

Added Nikki McClure and Ian Dickson courtesy of Adrian Karlson.

Fixed some typos courtesy Alex Roberts.

May 13, 2007

Added the following new entry to the guide: Hodgkinson, Antony (after all, he did write all the songs)

Updated the following entries: Ross, Jeff

April 21, 2007

Updated the following entries: Aigner, Ryan (thanks to Miki Johansen)

November 06, 2006

Updated the following entries: Rosenfelder, John (thanks to John Rosenfelder himself)

November 28, 2005

Added the following new entry to the guide: Asher, Peter; Ross, Jeff; Rosenfelder, John (all thanks to Alex Roberts). Also added Billig, Janet.

Updated the following entries: Gersh, Gary; Hanna, Kathleen; Meisel, Michael; Silva, John (all thanks to Alex Roberts).

Fixed some typos and misspellings thanks to Alex Roberts.

November 05, 2005

Added the following new entry to the guide: Bangs, Lance (thanks to Marc Melfi).

Fixed some typos and corrected some alphabetizing mistakes.

June 06, 2005

Added the following new entries to the guide: Ruthenberg, George (thanks to Erik Sieckman) and Weinberg, Howie (thanks to Brian Robb).

Updated the following entries: Wallace, Andy and Ludwig, Bob (both thanks to Brian Robb).

Fixed some typos thanks to Erik Sieckman, Ambarish Maharaj and Jeremy Little.

June 02, 2005

Officially launched the Who's Who Guide!

May 26, 2005

Added the following names: Anderson, Dawn; Arden, Dale; Bailey, Brenda; Bjelland, Kat; Buck, Peter; Cameron, Keith; Close, Nick; Collins, Britt; Covey, Dwight; Dillard, Mike; Elden, Spencer; Farrell, Ray; Finch, Jennifer; Fisher, Robert; Fradenburg, Wendy; Friend, Gerald; Guthrie, Arlo; Hanna, Kathleen; Hanszek, Chris; Hobkanson, Greg; Hull, Bill; Kennedy, Miles; Kerouac, Jack; Llewelyn, Doug; Markey, Dave; Mason, Warren; May, Jim; Mintz, Alan; Moreland, James; O'Connor, Pat; Novoselic, Diana; Novoselic, Robert; Petersen, Candice; Plakas, Dee; Pross, Steve; Seliger, Mark; Shillinger, Eric; Silver, Susan; Spungen, Nancy; Weddle, Kirk; Wilkes and Monty Lee.

April 26, 2005

Draft of the section is launched for comments, additions, etc.