Who's Who In NIRVANA's History S–Z

Sasic, Susanne
NIRVANA's lighting designer
Schaley, Kera
Recorded cello parts on the studio versions of 'All Apologies' and 'Dumb' for In Utero. She is the lead Vocalist/Cellist of the Goth band Martyr & Pistol
Seliger, Mark
Photographed NIRVANA in early 1992 for their Rolling Stone appearance
Shillinger, Eric
Friend of Cobain's from Aberdeen High. The pair met through Steve Shillinger, Cobain's friend and Eric brother. Eric persuaded his parents to take Cobain in when he was homeless in the fall of 1985
Shillinger, Lamont
Father of Eric and Steve Shillinger, friends of Cobain at Aberdeen High. Lamont was an English teacher at Weatherwax High School in Olympia and agreed to home Cobain in the fall of 1985 when he found himself homeless
Shillinger, Steve
Loose school friend of Cobain's. Met at Abderdeen High. Cobain befriended his brother, Eric Shillinger and would live with the Shillingers in the fall of 1985
Shane, Debbi
Former girlfriend of Dale Crover's who recorded an early demo version of the NIRVANA song 'Drain You' featuring Cobain, Grohl and Crover in April 1991
Silva, John
NIRVANA's co-manager at Gold Mountain, together with Danny Goldberg. Now runs Silva Artist Management, whose clients include the Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys and Beck
Silver, Susan
Soundgarden's manager. Introduced the band to Alan Mintz, a lawyer, when NIRVANA were looking to sign to a major label
Smear, Pat
NIRVANA's second guitarist between September 1993 and April 1994. Smear's real name is George Ruthenberg.
Smith, Gary
Electrician who discovered Cobain's body on April 8th 1994
Snyder, Jon
Director of NIRVANA's Evergreen State College video shoot on March 20th 1990
Spungen, Nancy
Infamous girlfriend of Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols fame. Parallels have been made between Courtney Love and Nancy
Stenderu, Darbury Ayn
Novoselic's second/current wife
Stipe, Michael
Lead singer of the band R.E.M. with whom Cobain made tentative planns to collaborate with and may have recorded some demos for in late 1993/early 1994
Strauss, Neil
Co-wrote the liner notes of the NIRVANA boxset
Suko, Cathryn
NIRVANA's business agent at VWC Management
Süskind, Patrick
Author of the novel Perfume, Cobain's favourite book
Swanson, Jimmy
Grohl's childhood friend and NIRVANA's drum tech on the US In Utero tour. Passed away July 18th, 2008
Swink, Ed
NIRVANA's stage manager on the In Utero tour
Tennant, Susie
Promotional rep at DGC Records
Thackray, Jerry
AKA "Everett True". Iconoclast rock critic and former assistant editor of Melody Maker. It was True that introduced Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love
True, Everett
See entry for Thackray, Jerry
Turner, Steve
A member of the band Mudhoney, a band Cobain admired
Utsunomiya, Kaz
President of Virgin Publishing
Vail, Tobi
Bikini Kill's drummer and part founder of the Riot Grrl movement. One of Cobain's ex-girlfriends. Supposedly much of Nevermind was written in reference to his relationship with her
Vance, Andrea
According to Heavier Than Heaven Andrea Vance was a brief girlfriend of Cobain's in 1983
Vidor, Winston
Owner of Positively 4th Street Records in Olympia, Washington. Cobain sold Winston NIRVANA shirts direct for resale (mentioned in Azerrad's NIRVANA biography Come As You Are: The Story of NIRVANA)
Vig, Butch
Record producer. Recorded a demo with NIRVANA in April 1990 prior to their major-label signing. Later produced the full-length Nevermind album at Sound City studios. Went on to form the band Garbage and also mixed tracks for the boxset
Vincent, Jim
NIRVANA's guitar tech on the In Utero tour
Vlasimsky, Michele
NIRVANA's US booking agent at Bulging Eye
Wallace, Andy
Mixed NIRVANA's second album Nevermind. Also mixed tracks on the NIRVANA boxset and NIRVANA's October 31st performance at the Paramount Theater in Seattle
Wallace, Max
Co-author of two books which support Tom Grant's assertion that Cobain was murdered. Also see Halperin, Ian
Warby, Russell
NIRVANA's UK booking agent Nomad, Concorde, and The Agency
Weddle, Kirk
Underwater photographer who shot the cover picture of Nevermind
Weinberg, Howie
Mastered Nevermind and Incesticide
Weston IV, Robert "Bob" S
Technician who worked alongside Steve Albini to record In Utero
Wheeler, Alice
Photographer who shot much of the band's Bleach-era photography
Wilkes, Monty Lee
Tour manager, tour account and production manager for NIRVANA's 1991 north American tour. Passed away on August 26th, 2016
Wood, Luke
Former publicist at Geffen/DGC Records
Youngblood, Jennifer
Dave Grohl's first wife
Zapata, Mia
Singer of the Seattle band 'The Gits' who was murdered in July 1993. NIRVANA played a tribute gig for her on 6th August 1993