Who's Who In NIRVANA's History

Directly or indirectly the history of NIRVANA was shaped by many more people than just the band members themselves.

The aim of this section is to catalogue all such people that have had a role in writing the history of the band. Whether you want to know who recorded NIRVANA's third album, who was their roadie or who inspired them this guide is for you!

This section was the result of a community effort to create a definitive who's who in the world of NIRVANA. Special thanks goes to all those people who contributed (acknowledged below). If you spot a pertinent NIRVANA-related figure missing from the list please contact the maintainer and we'll add them in!

MAINTAINED BY: Jeremy Little


ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTORS: Kim Larsen, Alex Roberts, Bastian Stein, Jeremy Little, Mitch Zevalking, Robert Smith, Kris Sproul, Zarik Khan, Bryan Smith, Gary Taylor, Marc Bowman, Joe Powers, Dave Ewing, Brian Peterson, Daniel Hague, Vince Dome, Brian McConnell, Britton Eason, Claudio Fernandes, Trevor Vincent and Adam Andrews.

LAST UPDATED: Apr 10th, 2023