Label: Small Clone
Catalog Number:  (SC-NR-010)
Recorded performance:  12-14-93 - Salem Armory - Salem, OR United States
Recorded performance:  02-14-94 - Le Zénith - Paris France
Recorded performance:  02-25-94 - Palatrussardi - Milan Italy

Disc 1 Runtime:  59:50 / 17 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-O1OI 24116X IFPI L602
Disc 2 Runtime:  66:40 / 16 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-O1OII 24095X IFPI L602

Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 5:10
02) Drain You 3:46
03) Breed 3:34
04) Serve The Servants 3:38
05) Come As You Are 3:36
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:33
07) Sliver 2:22
08) Dumb 3:05
09) In Bloom 4:29
10) About A Girl (first half) 1:47
11) Lithium (begins with latter half of About A Girl) 5:09
12) Pennyroyal Tea 3:31
13) School 2:57
14) Polly 3:19
15) Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 3:53
16) Rape Me 2:31
17) Territorial Pissings 2:20
Disc 2
01) The Man Who Sold The World 5:42
02) All Apologies 3:24
03) On A Plain 3:22
04) Scentless Apprentice 3:55
05) Heart-Shaped Box 5:04
06) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:21
07) Serve The Servants 3:21
08) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:42
09) Pennyroyal Tea 3:49
10) School 2:41
11) Very Ape 2:02
12) Lounge Act 2:36
13) The Man Who Sold The World 5:05
14) Heart-Shaped Box 6:08
15) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 6:57
16) Sappy (Verse Chorus Verse) 3:24
Psychout Induction

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc contains the complete December 14th, 1993 show (mislabeled as Feb 18th, 1994). Overall, this is a rather average "In Utero" tour performance. The sound quality is excellent for an audience recording, but nothing about the show stands out and it's not a disc you will listen to more than a few times.

The primary fascination collectors' have with Psychout Induction is that it's on the Small Clone label and it's the the preferred commercial disc for this date. It's a nice double CD set to have, but there are better shows available on discs that are easier to find.

The December 14th 1993 portion of the disc (all of disc 1 and tracks 1-5 on disc 2) are solid. Note that About A Girl is split between two tracks. The sound quality of the February 14th, 1994 show that fills in the latter half of disc 2 isn't as good as the Season In Hell Part 2 set. Obviously it's not the entire show. Instead, they ripped various songs from the performance so the tracks aren't even continuous. I suppose they thought it would be nice if they had two French shows on the same disc, unfortunately the meat of the set is a US performance.

The last track is one of the favorite performances of Sappy from February 25th, 1994. Make sure you pick up the entire show on Suicide Solution!

Overall, it's a very solid double CD. It's highly collectible due to it's scarcity but contains nothing spectacular to make it stand out. Pick it up if the opportunity arises, even if you hate it you'll be able to trade it to somebody for something nice!

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