LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: A Season In Hell Part 2 Discs 2 & 3

Label: Razor's Edge
Catalog Number:  (RZBX 084/85)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various
Recorded performance:  02-14-94 - Le Zénith - Paris France

Disc 2 Runtime:  71:50 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: 4010 RZBX084
Disc 3 Runtime:  66:13 / 20 Tracks
Matrix: 4011 RZBX085

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Disc 2
01) All Apologies 4:15
02) On A Plain 3:22
03) Heart-Shaped Box 5:51
04) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 6:40
05) Polly 2:38
06) Verse Chorus Verse 3:07
07) Endless, Nameless 6:24
08) In Bloom 4:29
09) Oh, The Guilt 3:28
10) You Know You're Right 5:08
11) Marigold 3:08
12) tourette's 2:06
13) Opinion 2:46
14) Breed 3:04
15) Pennyroyal Tea 4:13
16) Raunchola 4:04
17) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:49
18) All Apologies 2:11
Disc 3
01) Son Of A Gun 2:44
02) Molly's Lips 1:51
03) D-7 3:49
04) Turnaround 2:22
05) The End 2:21
06) Baba O'Riley 2:55
07) The Man Who Sold The World 4:36
08) The Man Who Sold The World 3:23
09) My Sharona 1:19
10) Here She Comes Now 4:59
11) Here She Comes Now 4:42
12) Do You Love Me 3:16
13) Love Buzz 3:19
14) Dazed And Confused 4:26
15) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 4:55
16) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 2:28
17) The Money Will Roll Right In 2:14
18) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 4:29
19) Plateau 3:21
20) Lake Of Fire 2:37
A Season In Hell Part 2 Discs 2 & 3

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: C-

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Instead of grouping both discs of the Zenith 94 show together, the last 4 songs are bundled together with 2 discs of garbage. Where Part One had great filler (culled from rare band tapes which haven't yet surfaced in collectors circles) which was later stolen by Blue Moon for its Outcesticide series, Part two steals redundant filler from the outcesticides and other common bootlegs, worryingly it also rips "All Apologies" from the notorious fake "Kurts Home Guitar Rehearsals" CD.
There's also a host of mislabels that suggest that whoever put discs 2 and 3 together knew next to nothing about Nirvana, This set came out in 1996 two years after Part One of the series and its hard to believe that the same people were involved in both releases, Indeed Part One was credited to "Banzai" and Part Two is credited to "Razors edge".
The only redeeming feature of this 2 disc set is the glossy full colour booklet that came with it, the booklet contains a detailed history of Nirvana and many photographs and, apart from a few typos and the contentious claim that Kurt experimented with heroin as early as 1986, seems to be mostly factually correct.
Aside from the irritating (thin) 7 inch cardboard outer box which is discussed in the review of A Season In Hell Part 2 Disc 1
This 2 cd is in a very low quality CD case, its pretty hard to get at disc 3 without breaking the case as the internal part of the 2 CD jewel case doesn't hinge properly.

Tracks 1-4 of Disc 2 are the last portion of the Zenith show, it seems the bootleggers eq'ed the DAT master slightly to add a little more high end, its better than some of the eq-jobs i've heard on bootlegs, but its still redundant.
Track 5 is Polly from the 1989 John Peel session ripped from Blue Moon's "Complete Radio Sessions" cd, its redundant since a Pre-FM DAT tape of all the BBC radio sessions surfaced.
Track 6 is Verse Chorus Verse from the soundcheck of the 8/17/90 show, ripped from Outcesticide II, a vastly better version is available in traders circles, this version has been put through noise reduction and sounds somewhat dulled.
Track 7 is Endless Nameless from the legendary 10/31/91 Seattle show, this track is ripped from the "Into The Black" Box set and is about as redundant as its possible get, the song was already officially available on the "Live Tonight Sold Out" VHS when this Bootleg was released, a superior copy of this pro-mixed soundboard audio source and a pro shot video of this song are also freely circulating among traders.
Track 8 is In Bloom. from the 4/90 Smart studio session, this track was ripped from Outcesticide II, its incomplete, misdated and inferior to trading circle versions.
Track 9 is Oh! The Guilt ripped from Europe 1991, both the song title and the venue are mislabeled, Get the whole show on Europe 1991, considering how much stuff was ripped from Outcesticide II for this compilation its rather odd that this track wasn't.
Track 10 is You Know You're Right, live at the Aragon Ballroom 10/23/93. ripped from The Sermon On The Mount CD.
Track 11 is Marigold, (ripped from Outcesticide III) is the only truly worthwhile track on this compilation, its more complete than the official Pocketwatch release, but since you'll have to get Outcesticide III anyway for the VPRO and French TV sessions, its not enough reason to obtain this release.
Track 12 is Tourettes live at the Reading festival, ripped from Outcesticide III, sadly this excellent audience recording been put through noise reduction at some point in the dubbing chain, this track is officially available on "From The Muddy Banks of the Wiskah" which was released in 1996, Furthermore a complete pro video, and 5 Audience recordings of the 8/30/92 show (including a clean copy of this source)are freely circulating, so this track is emphatically redundant!
Track 13 is Opinion, ripped from the "Into The Black" Box set, its been officially released now anyway and clean copies without Noise reduction circulate freely.
Track 14 is Breed/Imodium from the 11/18/89 show, ripped from Outcesticide II, this is a generated and butchered version of a soundboard recording which is mislabeled here as a studio demo.
Track 15 is Pennyroyal Tea from Chicago 10/12/91 ripped from, you guessed it ...Outcesticide II!,this version is rather generated, a soundboard DAT with no analogue generations is available now, so this is garbage.
Track 16 is the Raunchola/Moby Dick Medley ripped from Outcesticide III, a soundboard version was officially released some years back so this is yet more garbage, its even labeled as "live 1987 with Flea on Trumpet"!
Track 17 is Smells Like Teen Spirit from the classic Rio 93 show, ripped, once again from Outcesticide II, do yourselves a favour and get the near complete pro-video of this show instead.
Track 18 is All Apologies, is a fake ripped from the awful "Kurts home guitar rehearsals" CD, check out the exhaustive and detailed Live Nirvana Fakes guide, it sounds nothing like Kurt or Nirvana, its an ugly heavy metal butchering of the classic Nirvana song.

Disc 3 is a compilation of cover versions Nirvana played live and in the studio between 1989 and 1993, theres a few cds like this one on the market now, they all suffer from editing errors during the John Peel session tracks, this one has slightly less, thats about the only good thing to be said about it!
Tracks 1-4 are the 1990 John Peel Session, ripped from Blue Moons "Complete Radio Sessions" CD, these tracks have been officially available since 1992 so their inclusion here is just another example of lazy bootlegging, they sound harsher and more trebly than i'd remembered, not nice! Track 2 chops off rather abruptly too, so the bootleggers were apparently too stupid even to copy a cd correctly.
Track 5 is The End, live in Ghent 11/23/91 ripped from Outcesticide II, this track has been copied on so many bootlegs that i could happily go the rest of my life without ever hearing it again, its the same story for the next track.....
Track 6 is Baba O'Reily, Live in Rennes 12/07/91, another Outcesticide II rip and another wasted opportunity, this is a ropey audience recording, a Soundboard version is freely available. this version is even less complete than Outcesticide II,
Track 7 is The Man Who Sold The World, live at The Armoury in Salem, Oregon 12/14/93, another Outcesticide II rip,and another track available in better quality via traders.
Track 8 is The Man Who Sold The World, this was already officially released when this piece of crap went to market.
Track 9 is My Sharona from Rennes 2/16/94, I'm not sure which was released first, this disc or Outcesticide IV, its a moot point anyway as the whole show is available on the hilariously titled "Va Te Faire Enculer", and this is less complete than the Outcesticide IV track, theres hardly anything left!
Track 10 is Here She Comes Now from the 4/90 Smart sessions, This Track has been officially released but This version is taken from a horribly generated cassette dub.
Track 11 is Here She Comes Now from the 11/25/91 VPRO Radio session,ripped from The complete radio sessions disc, its pretty harsh and treble-heavy.
Track 12 is Do You Love Me?, which was already included on A Season In Hell Part 1 in better quality, further proof, if it were needed just how little care was taken over this release, this is generated cassette dub of an official release!
Track 13 is Love Buzz from the 1989 John Peel Session, ripped from the Complete radio sessions disc complete with fade in.
Track 14 is Dazed And Confused, an excrutiating Led Zep cover from 11/26/89, this version seems to have been put through noise reduction, resulting in an horrible metallic sound.
Track 15 is Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, see Track 11 for source info.
Track 16 is Where Did You Sleep Last Night from Castaic Lake 9/26/92 where Kurt joined Mudhoney on stage for a couple of songs, another useless Outcesticide II rip .
Track 17 is The Money Will Roll Right In, See track 12 on disc 2 for source details.
Tracks 18-20 are from MTV Unplugged which was already officially released when this set was put out, Pathetic!

The Zenith Show and some intelligently chosen filler material (maybe even a truly well though out covers compilation for instance) would have made a decent double cd set, but anyone who listens to this set will get the feeling that the bootleggers were desperate to pad it out to a 3cd set, presumably so they could charge more for it.

"Verse Chorus Verse" Labeled As "In His Hands"
"Endless, Nameless" Labeled As "Secret"
"You Know You're Right" Labeled As "Autopilot"
"tourette's" Labeled As "The Eagle Has Landed"
"Raunchola" Labeled As "Run Rabbit Run"

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