Label: Swindle Records
Catalog Number:  (SWN 008)
Recorded performance:  02-15-90 - Raji's - Hollywood, CA United States
Recorded performance:  10-31-91 - Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA United States

Runtime: 54:08 / 17 Tracks
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) School 3:24
02) Floyd The Barber 2:16
03) Love Buzz 3:24
04) Dive 3:36
05) Spank Thru 3:41
06) Breed 3:13
07) Scoff 5:06
08) About A Girl 2:58
09) Molly's Lips 3:18
10) Been A Son 2:01
11) Stain 2:48
12) Negative Creep 2:55
13) Blew 3:45
14) Aneurysm 3:08
15) Drain You 3:36
16) On A Plain 2:54
17) School 2:05
Heaven Can Wait

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  89%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
The picture for the Sliver single was taken at this show. Great show with Chad on the drums. A early blistering performance of Breed is the highlight for me, but the Molly'sLips and Stain are really good too. This is a average audience recording and between songs you can hear the crowd yelling requests... once the band fires up it drowns them all out.
The early days and small clubs... This is what it was all about - having fun and screwing around with the crowd... "I want you all to Pogo to this one" . The bonus tracks aren't that great because Aneurysm & School are incomplete!

The Alternative CD & Vinyl Collectors Guide mistakenly states that this disc is defective. This disc does not contain "CD Rot" nor does it contain "clicks" during the show. Life's Like Pit-Bulls On Crack is the defective title for this performance.
The filler tracks are taken from Nevermind it's an interview

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