Label: German Records
Catalog Number:  (German Rec.015)
Recorded performance:  11-25-91 - Paradiso - Amsterdam The Netherlands

Runtime: 66:14 / 20 Tracks
Matrix: WIZARD A 4025
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Aneurysm 4:49
02) Even In His Youth 3:03
03) D-7 3:45
04) Molly's Lips 1:53
05) Endless, Nameless 6:41
06) Son Of A Gun 2:48
07) Turnaround 2:21
08) In Bloom 4:20
09) Talk To Me 3:10
10) Oh, The Guilt 3:14
11) Territorial Pissings 2:27
12) Aneurysm 4:28
13) Sliver 2:12
14) Been A Son 2:04
15) Love Buzz 3:19
16) School 2:29
17) Floyd The Barber 4:44
18) About A Girl 2:52
19) Negative Creep 2:42
20) Blew 3:23
Hardcore Act

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: F  27%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Well... You could use this disc as a coaster.... "Hard Core Act" is a "Black Box" issue that includes stickers instead of a jewel case with inlays. In case you're wondering, the scanner is fine... these pictures are horrible! The artwork appears as if someone took a Polaroid of a highly generated video images!

The most annoying thing about the disc is that the studio tracks contain dubbed crowd noise over them. The "real" live tracks may have extra noise added on them too! The indexing of the tracks is 'choppy' and cut up. Avoid this disc (unless you like the coaster idea).

"Oh, The Guilt" Labeled As "It Takes A Time"

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