Label: Bugsy
Catalog Number:  (BGS028)
Recorded performance:  12-28-91 - Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States

Runtime: 78:24 / 25 Tracks
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Love Buzz 3:18
02) About A Girl 2:39
03) Spank Thru 2:36
04) Dumb 2:28
05) Drain You 3:46
06) Aneurysm 4:49
07) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:44
08) Polly 2:15
09) Sliver 2:34
10) Breed 4:00
11) Come As You Are 3:46
12) Lithium 4:42
13) Drain You 3:24
14) School 2:38
15) About A Girl 2:20
16) Territorial Pissings 4:51
17) On A Plain 2:55
18) Been A Son 2:55
19) Negative Creep 2:02
20) Floyd The Barber 2:54
21) Blew 2:43
22) Love Buzz 4:50
23) Drain You 3:51
24) School 2:50
25) About A Girl 2:51
The Club

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A   99%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Amazing! This is how The Eternal Legacy should have been! this disc features Pre-fm versions of the John Peel Sessions & the 12/28/91 Del Mar Show taken straight from the Westwood One radio discs!.
The Eternal Legacy featured Post-FM Versions of these that had not been mastered well. Tracks 1-3 are the 10/26/89 Peel Session, Tracks 4 & 5 are the 09/03/91 Peel Session and tracks 6-12 are the 12/28/91 Show, the first 12 tracks are all taken from Westwood One's In Concert Disc Number 94:26.
IC 94:26 featured an incomplete version of the Del Mar Show, so the bootleggers added the missing tracks from another disc, so tracks 13-16 are from IC:92:42 and feature the best sounding copy of School from this show available anywhere! The Peel session tracks are somewhat compressed for radio airplay and so sound slightly worse than the trading circle versions, but they're still excellent and probably the best versions to make it to bootleg

When I originally wrote LN's guide to radio discs, i said that they Del Mar Tracks on IC:94:26 were at the correct speed, but now I've listened to them again, I think they are *slightly sped up (hardly noticeable).
Track 17 & Tracks 23-25 are the 10/31/91 Show Lifted from "Nevermind It's An Interview" These are the same SBD mix as the ANA1 promo available in trading circles and a slightly different mix (or maybe just differently eq-ed?) to to the live tracks on the "Come As You Are" CD single

Tracks 18-22 are the 11/25/91 Paradiso Show in great quality , likely lifted from "Sliver" there's some static in places which loses this disc 1 point.

This disc is identical to "See You Soon", It's not known which appeared first

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