Another nebulous concept, but we can easily detect accurate renditions and energetic performaces. Most shows featured here are from the period when the band was not playing many live shows, which showed what a detrimental effect going on the road had on the band.

04/17/91 - O.K. Hotel, Seattle, WA, US
The band had been practising hard in Seattle over the majority of the previous six months, and Chris announced during the show (perhaps jokingly) that this show was a benefit concert to fund the band's vacation in Maui.

11/25/90 - The Off Ramp Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
Another intense perfomance from the era when the band had little to do except practise.

05/29/91 - Jabberjaw, Los Angeles, CA, US
The first show following the legendary OK Hotel perfomance is also a high-energy, exciting show.

05/13/90 - Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE, US
The last known recording of Chad Channing on drums is an excellent soundboard recording with a varied setlist and is a solid perfomance.

10/29/91 - Fox Theatre, Portland, OR, US
An excellent performance from the time 'Nevermind' hit gold.

02/16/92 - Club Quattro, Nagoya, JP
One from the band's short Japanese tour.

10/31/93 - James A. Rhodes Arena, University of Akron, Akron, OH, US
The Hallowe'en concert is highly recommeneded by collectors.

12/28/91 - Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar, CA, US
A very common bootleg since it has been broadcast on radio stations around the globe, and somewhat overlooked because it is so ubiquitous. The show is very solid, however, and three tracks were later released on 'From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah' in 1996.

06/23/89 - Rhino Records, Westwood, CA, US
Videos from 1989 reveal how much the youthful band enjoyed being energetic and headbanging as much as possible, throwing themselves all over the stage. This is a particualrly fine example.

02/16/94 - Salle Omnisport, Rennes, FR
Perhaps the band's last great show, including lots of jokes and a lengthy setlist.